Friday, May 25, 2012



Wow, I guess I had left this little space of mine quite a while and I surprised myself like, "Oh! Oh! Whats happening here?!" :O :O :O when I logged into my blog account, it's totally different when I last logged in, oh how dare Blogspot changes thing without even send me a notification?! I am a bit awkward to this new style of blogspot, I even lost, I was like, "Eh where is the dashboard? How I can post now?" Oh, sweating man! But finally yeah I found the way, alhamdulillah. *Sigh, feel like an old lady that just started to blog*.

Ok, now what? Well, the picture itself makes my job easier, I don't have to say anything, you can understand it just by looking at that picture and read the quote below, 

"None of you are truly believers, until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself."
(Hadith Muslim)

Ahhh it's sounds so simple right? But to practice it will take a decade, am I right? If only every Muslim (Well of course including me myself) has this kind of thinking, no body will harm anyone. Agree? Because who would feel love when someone else backbiting him/her? When everyone thinking that way like, "Ahhhh I shouldn't talk behind him because I don't like it when someone else do so to me." Then everyone will be safe from hurting each other's dignity or feeling. It's obvious that this hadith is really practical to build a safe community wherever they are, subhanallah thats the wisdom behind all the command and recommendation in Islam, it's always leads to the goodness, but we are all blinded and fooled by this temporary dunya. Nauzubillah min zhallik.

So brothers and sisters, there's a lot more hadith which we always take for granted, or even ignorant about it because we don't go to the religious talk in Masjid, or in whatever form such as video. Come on, we live on this earth because Allah has brought us here, we have the purpose of life, don't lost, you can always find the way but you need to give an effort, that's the straight forward theory, you want to earn something, you have to give an effort, Inshaallah. May Allah bless us all! :)

P/S: Oh please make do'a for my little family (Me, hubby & our little plum in me) ^^

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