Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye and Hi! :)

Assalamualaykum all..

Oh what to write?? Please I need an idea please! I can see that the number of people coming to this little space of mine is very slowly increasing, maybe it's because I  rarely post something and everytime they come, they’re like, what?!! No update since November? oh how disappointing! What's the point to come over if the owner doesn't serve anything, isn't it? Well, that's a simple and straight forward hypothesis for the slow increasing number of people coming here, and I guess it's correct. All right, I think rather than putting on the '10 reasons-why-I-haven't-post-in-my-blog' I should post the '10 things-I've-learnt-in-2011' since we gonna end 2011 very soon. Oh I’m so excited!

One day to go and we will enter new year, 2012! They said, it's the end of the world! Oh my Lord, I don't know somehow I feel like this 2011 has passing by so quickly, seriously! I was like, it's already December, really? Pinch me, I couldn't believe it, when did I entered November? What did I do on October? What happened in September? Did I celebrated something on August? How about July, May, April, Mach, February and January? What's went on those months? I guess I need time to flash all back, will do that latter, sigh. Ok, so what is that '10 things-I've-learnt-in-2011'? Take a breath, relax your muscles and here we go.....

1. Everyone has got their own story in life. Don't go so quickly to judge people if we don't know the situation, keep pray for all.

2. Kids are innocence and honest creatures until we teach them not to be

3. People always think someone has changed when that person doesn't fit their expectation. Stop living on others expectation, be yourself. 

4. Keep doing good deeds to even people that hurt you because it's not the same person that Allah will send to us when we are in hardship.

5. Something that is small for us, might be huge to someone else, never take for granted someone that sincerely care and love you for Allah.

6. Allah always has a reason for everything happened in our life, we may want it to be the way we want it, but Allah will always gives it the way we need it. 

7. Soulmates are Allah's secret, we have no idea until the time comes, when He blows the feeling in your heart, the serenity, confidence and openness to accept someone at the beginning is the stranger to you.

8. Family bound is very important to be built as a strong relationship starting from the very beginning, so that everyone in the family will support, care and love each other. There's no awesome place like home! 

9. Keep positive, think positive, act positively towards others and all the positive things will come to you automatically. It's hard but you have to try it

10. Really, only Allah can gives you serenity, even when you try to deny, even when you have got 10 thousands theory on how to be in peace, because the key is to remember him. 

Alhamdullilah fi kulli hal (All praises to Allah in every situation). Goodbye 2011 and Hi 2012! I will leave 2011 with no regret and enter 2012 with new spirit, it will definitely different from previous years, I know that and I pray to Allah to give me the strength to remain in right path and deliver His messages to others. Amin.

"By time, indeed mankind is in loss .Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience." (Surah al Asr: 1-3)

P/S: If you don't mind, kindly tell me the lessons you've learnt in 2011 in the comment box! See ya! C:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do we really need religion?

Dude, why do we need religion in our life? Isn't it makes your life difficult? Yeah to obey all the rules and so on, come on we are in this modern era, we learn and know morality, we know humanity very well, we practice good lifestyle so why do we need religion to tell us what to do and what not to? We can live our life freely as long as we don't disturb others, isn't it reasonable? We are in our religion by chance, I mean because our parents are in that religion we are happened to be the follower as well, we follow religion blindly!

Ok now you said you didn't need religion in your life because you know morality and humanity very well, let me ask you, who will determine whether the deeds are good or bad? Like morality, it could be very subjective, it may different from time to time, for example in modesty one of morality, a covered woman in Hijab say that non Hijab woman as immodest and a woman with no Hijab say that a woman with less clothes as immodest and a woman with less clothes will say that a woman in bikini as immodest and a woman in bikini will say that a nude woman is immodest. You have to remember, this is the point of view people of this era, how about the next generation, they may have another point of view in modesty. So which opinion is right in this situation? Can we say all of them is right? Who to tell them what modesty is? Who will determine which one is good for them, whether to cover themselves or not? 

We need to go back to the very basic and simple principle that we are the creation of the Most Great Creator, the one and only God, Allah. He did not simply created us and put us on Earth with no guidance, because He created us so He knows what do we need in our life, He tells us our purpose of life so that we will not ruin ourselves and others. He, Allah has the right to tell us what to do and what not to, so He gives us the manual which is Islam as a guidance, it makes our life organize and beautiful. We worship Him the way He wants us to, not the way we want to because He's the creator. Just like a car, the creator will also creates the manual along with it and if the user doesn't follow the manual,what do you think will happen?Yes,eventually the car will broken and who's suffering here? THE USER, and who to put the blame on, is it the CREATOR of the car or the USER? Yes again, the USER. Isn't it logic enough?

Yes, we are given the ability to think and analyze, so use this precious gift to find the WISDOM behind all the commands and rules. If we are born as Muslim BY CHANCE because our parents are Muslim, that's not an excuse to LEARN and GAIN knowledge, don't follow blindly, go into the flow and feel the beautiful sense when you follow religion because you are aware. We don't need to be instant perfect Muslim, we may take time, keep improve ourselves because Allah look into the effort even if it only the size of the seeds. Be a Muslim by choice not by chance, change the way you look at religion, look at it as God's love and gift for us not as a difficulties. Only with that we will find the wisdom behind all the command that the little discomfortness and difficulties at the beginning is nothing compared to the benefits we gained by practicing Islam. The research shown that psychologically, religion is the source of hope and optimist, it promotes good feelings of belongingness, it can boost our self-esteem and provides protection from existential threat. Which means it is good for our health!  Well, mentally and physically. So what are we waiting for? Ask yourself!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am freaking serious!

Well, I am not interested to promote this cool t-shirt my intention of putting this picture is to tell you that I am serious. Oh no, not sort of serious like I never smile to people and working 24/7 non stop with my head straight and my eyes stick on the machine OR something like that, it's just I am seriously miss to write wah bajet penulis berkaliber,  Oh my last post was on 27th October and today is 19th October opss November! What did I do? Let me think for a second not enough time ok maybe a minute, well I can't think of anything *this is even more serious*, oh Allah I want to write something that serious and now while trying to write something serious I discover the extremely serious thing : I didn't do anything actually! Wait, wait let me think deeper, let me reorganize my memories in this little space of my mind. Give me a chance to take a deep breath and here we go..........................after five minutes.........ah! Blank!!!! 

It means I just did something ordinary and I don't even have enough motivation to keep those things in my mind. What happen to me? What happen to my memory space? What is actually happening? I don't want to live my life absolutely same like animal, eating and sleeping, gain nothing. Big NO! I have to gain, learn, share and give something to others because the world is not my real home, hereafter is my real home, don't be foolish, please wake up! Reorganize your life according to Islam, Islam is beautiful, reasonable and suitable for all the time. Oh Allah don't let us be the servant of our desires, we are Your servants and only You. Allah, help us to keep in this right path and at the same time invite others to this path. Thank you Allah to sprinkle this feeling in my heart, that I need to do something if I want to keep my Iman alive. :'(

Have a blast day ahead buddies! C:

P/S: Almost all part of the post may not valid except for the verses of Quran. Well, I went to travel to some awesome places on earth and I learnt many things actually, I just need to record and write those precious lessons to keep them in my mind. Holaaa :D

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purpose of life

Assalamualaykum all,

Alhamdulillah C:

What with that straight forward title missy? Well, I couldn't think any better for now, my eyes are heavy and my right head is ached, seriously I need to hit my head on the wall. Nah, don't worry I won't do that, I don't have heart to do so I guess, well ok back to the topic! 

The purpose of life, everyone without exception will have this sort of question in their head, what on earth am I doing here, why am I live in this cruel world, what should I do here in this world, why God created me? Live my life(Eat, sleep, make friend, get good job, have family and blah3) then died and then what? Well, if you have that sort of question, it's really normal, it's fitrah, something that naturally instilled in our soul, that we need to have the purpose of life. So, who gonna tell you, your purpose of life? Is it your prime minister? or your parents? or your teacher? well no worries, God, Allah the almighty who created us, who the only one that has the right to tell us what is our purpose of life, so we won't lost our direction. 

"I have only created jinns and humans to worship Me. I do not need from them to provide for Me, and I do not need from them to feed Me. Allah is surely the One Who gives providence, and He is the Mighty and Strong." The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 51, Verses 56-58

Worship is to obey Allah completely, love Him completely, do what He loves and keep away from what He hates. 

Prayer is an act of worship, Fasting is an act of worship,Zakah is an act of worshipHajj is an act of worship Fighting evil is an act of worshipLearning Islam and gaining knowledge is an act of worshipSaying good words is an act of worshipAvoiding bad words is an act of worshipSupplication is an act of worshipStruggling to be better is an act of worshipDoing any good deed and avoiding bad deed in order to please Allah is an act of worship

Oh well, the list is on and on, just don't limit the worship form into religious command like prayer and fasting, everything could be an Ibadah if we do it because of Allah and the way we do it is within the syari'at(Allah's law). It doesn't mean you have to keep your knee down and bow all the time and do nothing else, it doesn't mean you have to stick to the masjid 24/7 and begging others to feed yourself. That a wrong and narrow concept of worship. We can live our life normally like others but within  Allah's law(What He says Ok, and what He says Not OK to do). 

But I know, the question won't stop there, the next question maybe is why God wanted us to worship Him? Why we have to worship Him and so. Thats a million dollar questions that you need to find the answer, I strongly recommend you to go to the Imam and ask him, or have good chat with your friends about this or you can search it on the net, well here the website that I think can give you a clear picture about it. Don't let the questions shake your believe, you have to find the answers, its always there but we need to do some efforts.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My weird mystical land?


*SIGH* Hey! It's not good to start something with sigh! Ok, I take it back, satisfied?! Something really bother me, I can't handle to spill it out here, it's something that really famous now in Malaysia,I think it has become like a phenomenon maybe, well I don't know if it's also happen somewhere else. To make things clearer let me give you some situations here: 

Situation 1:

Lady Gaga: You see, I can feel like my husband is trying to marry another girl, I don't want    
                      that to happen! 
Lady Gugu: You know what? I think you are right! You should do something Gaga!
Lady Gaga: I know i can always trust my 'six sense'. I can sense his weirdness, but I don't 
                     know what to do, he never tells me the truth, he always avoiding me. *Crying 
                     out loud*
Lady Gugu: I think I know what you should do, it's an easy way to get out from this  
                     problem, hmm lets go to the shaman(Bomoh) and ask him some potions for your      
                     husband, so he will not leaves you for another girl!

Situation 2:

Gugirl 1: I wonder, why he always ignores me? Am I that ugly to look at? *Sigh*
Gugirl 2: Hey never say that! You are amazing just the way you are. *Singing*
Gugirl 1: Stop it girl! I just really sad when I think about him, I want him so badly.
Gugirl 2: Well, I guess there's no other powerful way to get him, I heard someone can make 
                him falls in love with you. The shaman can do that, he'll give you the right potion 
                so he'll falls for you!

Situation 3:

Woman 1: I will never forget what she did to me, I will never forgive her! She deserves to 

                   get punishment! *Punching the wall*
Woman 2: Wohoo you just hurt yourself with that punch, don't worry she'll get punished by 
Woman 1: No! I want to see her suffering in front of me, not when I'm death!
Woman 2: Wow, if that the case, I know how to work it out, I know the shaman at my 
                   village, he able to do so, your enemy will suffer in a blink, believe me!

And I wonder, is this really happens for real? Or are these kind of dialogues were quotes from the drama or movie only? But what really bother me is, why the media has to promote this kind of actions? Like when we got problem with our spouse, friend or enemy, shaman can solves this for us, wait, IN A BLINK??? What?!! Why don't they promote something like when we got problems, we just need to get back to Allah, the most Powerful and our Protector? And solves the problem by referring to Quran and Sunnah, by discussing the problem with another side and end the problem in a proper way. 

Why don't we educate our community the right way to solve the problems? Come on, shaman or any other mystical practicers, they are all human, God's creature like us! I just hate it when the media popularized this action and relate it with woman, yes as you can see from the dialogues, they are all woman. I don't know why they are so interested in this 'black magic' and 'ghost' thingy, they're a lot more issues that could be appointed in the movie and it even weird when this kind of movie has received a huge amount of money. I'm afraid if this phenomenon may creates some misunderstandings to Islam, because the actress and actor in the movie is mostly Muslim. Maybe non-Muslims are laughing on our craziness of that sort of ghost thingy movie or maybe they will think that Muslim is also seeking for other than Allah when they're in need! No, Allah is the only Power that can solves our problem but we need to figure it out, don't just sit around and pray that the problem will be settled! Don't we listen to what Allah says in Quran?

This is the Book, in it is guidance, sure without doubt, for those who fear Allah." [ch2/v1].  
And We have sent down to you the Book explaining all things, a Guide, a Mercy and Glad Tidings to the Muslims". [ch16/v89]

..and from Him we come unto Him will we returned. Allahua'lam

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby oh baby!

Salam and good day folks,

Baby oh baby, this post is about baby, awww! Honestly, what do you feel when you see a baby? What will flashes into your mind? *Oh, so adorable, so cute, I want to hold, kiss and hug that baby.* Ahaaa sounds familiar? Ok, I have to say, that's what comes into my mind when I see a baby(Oh, heaven!). God, gives us this special feeling to the baby, isn't it? This natural feeling which is love has no exception, even a very rough man, when he sees a baby, he will smiles and wants to at least pinch the baby's cheeks! Am I right? Like me, even I don't have a baby yet (Well, i'm unmarried, remember? lol) but I do really love my nephews, mashaAllah. I don't know when does this feeling grows, but it's there really. I missed to talk (even I don't understand his words) cradle, hug and kiss him when I'm not with him. 

When I look at his innocent and pure face, I was like "Oh who on earth could abandon such adorable innocent creature like you, you did nothing wrong, you bring laughs and smiles to the home, but yet there's some heartless people that could do that, they put the blame on you because of their sins and misguidance, they abandon their baby, threw in the dustbin, even worse, burn their baby. Oh what a world!". I'm about to cry to think how cruel human could be, even animal loves and cares for their baby and now we put ourselves lower then animal. Nauzubillah min zhalik. I'm really sad when I read the news about this, but at the same time, I don't know the story behind this, what makes the mother doubtlessly abandon her own blood in a dirty place. What pushes her to put her baby there. Maybe she was raped? Or maybe the baby was produced from the forbidden relationship? Who knows? Subhanallah, that's why Islam recommends prevention before cure. 

How to prevent such thing to happen? It has to be at the very beginning, from childhood, so parents should be able to inspire, teach and educate their children to adopt Islam in their life not just having Islamic name. Inspire our kids with our actions and manners, show and tell them why they have to follow God's will and how organized and beautiful our life could be when we follow God. Talk and listen to them, answer them patiently and be kind to them. By this way, when Islam is built in their self, flowing in their blood, no temptation could jiggle their believe and inshaAllah everything else would be fine. Well, this is reminder for me of course, because one day inshaallah I will become a mother to my children. I make du'a that you and me will become a good parents that give a good example to the kids. Amin!

P/S: Oh I'm still in sad zone because of the news! :'( Hey little one, you surely in a heaven now, playing in unimaginable garden cheerfully, rest in peace dear and may Allah guides your parents and forgive them so they can join you there. Amin

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Invitation to Invite

Assalamualaykum all,

Seems like, it's getting harder to constantly post something in this space of mine. What am I doing? Busy? Busy with what? The world, the people(my nephew, school?) the things surrounding them. Oh, what a bad excuse! So many things happened, in my country, and all around the world, nothing stay still and me also keep moving, who stand still will suffered just like if you are staying still on your bad for such a long time, things around you, that you never seen them like  ants, and other creepy little things will overrun your body for sure, they will take advantage on you and you'll benefit nothing from them. Ok, I was tagged in my friend's blog post, Sufi Haraki about the campaign to make a blog as a medium for da'wah, thanks sissy, much appreciated :) . Alhamdulillah, it recalls me to refresh and purify my intention on blogging. 

First off, what is da'wah? Lets do some revision, huh(Don't be too lazy lads!). Da'wah is an arabic term literally means "to invite" or "to offer to share". Ok, who to invite? Whoever you meet, whoever you know(Muslims or non Muslim) especially those who around you. Hmm fine, but how?  In whatever ways you could. By your speech, your manner, your writing..... Oh wait! Invite to what? Ok, sorry I should have tell you at the beginning. It's an invitation to live our life according to Allah's will, we have our manual, guidance which are al-Quran and hadith. I got it, but why we have to invite people? That's not our job I think, there's a group of people like Tabligh that do that sort of thing, sorry! Hey, don't we listen to Allah says in Quran:
You are the best of people raised up, for you call to all that is right and righteous and you forbid the evil, and you believe in Allah.
[Qur'an 3:110]
Let's be the best of people like in this ayah. Sharing Islam is a very simple concepts. We can do da'wah in so many sorts of way including blogging (Yeah!!). Keep in mind at all the time that you are in a special mission to deliver a message to worship Allah according to the way that He wants to be worshipped. You are to call them to know the truth and how to follow it. You do this in a polite way and right actions. Remember that your actions are observed by others through your behavior and manners, you are the role model for what Islam is all about (You don't believe me huh?!), yes you are! Especially people that love to generalize things, when they saw you did something bad, they'll concluded that all muslim did so(OMG!). 

You can see here that the real problem is not to invite people to the message of Islam, it is the way we go about it. It is undeniable that the way we present ourselves and the messages is most important (Unfortunately, we take these for granted). We supposed to advise everyone by using gentle and simple approach to attract the thirsty soul to the Way of Allah for sure before that we need to practice Islam first. Don't ruin the image of Da'wah by rigid methods, mistakes, impatient and impolite manners (like we never did mistakes, never talk to people like they are a sinner and you are are pure, big NO to judgmental mind)  because it will give a very negative impression about Islam and Muslim. Da'wah is actually simple and everyone can do it in our own ability (I mean, level of knowledge) and opportunity. You know what i'm doing now? I'm inviting you to invite people, *pretty smart huh?!* Ok, I guess thats it, well, just start it off! 

Ahaa...want some more tips? Peek on my tumblr :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 Daily Spiritual Productive Habits to Develope

1) Pray the Sunnah Prayers before and/or after Prayer:

I know it’s easier to just pray the obligatory prayers and rush out of the mosque! However, when we realise the rewards we’re missing from not praying these Sunnah prayers we won’t leave them. Over the years I have learnt there’s only ONE way of getting yourself to pray these Sunnah prayers constantly: Get into the habit of praying them! They’ll soon become part and parcel of your Salah and your Salah will feel incomplete without performing these acts.

2) Remembrance of Allah after Salah:

Again, it’s easy to rush out after Salah due to our busy lives, though if we are honest, how long does it take to recite the supplications after Salah? (The Answer: 5-7 minutes!). If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, you may find the supplications Nowadays you’ll find pocket notebooks/or phone applications with these supplications. Get into the habit of reciting them daily after each Salah to enrich your Salah experience.

3) Morning/Evening Remembrance of Allah:

Step 2 is also included in this habit. There exists a beautiful set of duas/remembrances from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which he used to say before sunrise and after sunset. They are true stress relievers and energy boosters which never fail to make my days and evenings feel blessed. [You can find the duas]

4) Night Prayer:

AlHamdulillah, during Ramadan we have the wonderful Taraweeh prayers to attend. However, outside of Ramadan there are many opportunities to still obtain the reward of the night prayer. If you’re new to night prayer or you don’t pray it constantly during the year, make sure you try to attend prayers each and every night in congregation at the mosque (particularly brothers), and give yourself a ‘no-excuse’ policy. Develop a habit of praying Tahajjud and continuing to pray them for an entire 30 days; this will set you on better footing to continue with the Night Prayer for the rest of the year in sha Allah.

5) Duha Prayer:

Here’s a Productive Muslim’s top secret to a productive day: 2 rak’ahs known as the Duha prayer which you may pray at anytime after sunrise till before the sun reaches it’s zenith (around 30 minutes before Dhuhr). The reward of this prayer is similar to giving charity on behalf of every bone in your body, and the energy and buzz you feel during the day is amazing.

6) Supplications before you Sleep:

You’ve just had a long day and you’re super tired. You climb into bed and you want to hit the sack… but wait! Before you do, can you give yourself just 10 more minutes to recite the supplications before sleeping? That’s all. Try them and find yourself experiencing the most beautiful sleep ever and waking up for Fajr easily, in sha Allah. For more information on waking up for fajr, constantly, everyday, without fail Read How to Wake up for Fajr.

7) Reciting one hour of Quran each day:

Notice: I said here recite one hour of Quran each day and not one juz’ or one Surah. The amount of Quran you read is not as important as the quality of your understanding. If you spend one hour reciting one verse but understand it fully, that’s more important and beneficial then reciting lots of Quran at break-neck speed yet not understanding a word.

P/s: Awesome stuffs huh?! Good tips I guess, lets press on, you have no idea how beautiful and amazing person you could be if you adopted Islam as your way of life, hey seriously! You don't believe me? Try it on for a week and feel it. The peaceful and contented feeling you got inside will lead you to be a better person inshaallah. Have a good day ahead buddies!  :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 Reasons to pray

Assalamualaykum :)

In today’s fast paced and hectic world, I find that more and more people are disconnected with God. Belief in god and the power of prayer can do a world of good to every one of us. You don’t have to believe in the rituals set up by your religion to believe in God and to pray to Him. Here are 7 reasons why you should pray.
1. Sense of peace
Praying to God brings an immense sense of peace and well being to those who truly believe in the power of prayer. It is a great sense of relief to place yourself in the hands of a higher power instead of attempting to battle all the problems of life on your own.
2. Relief from stress
There is no denying that life has got more and more stressful in the last few decades. It is a well documented fact that those who don’t believe in God and do not pray tend to suffer from more stress than those who do. Problems in life seem insurmountable when there is no hope of help.
3. Restoration of hope
When everything you do seems hopeless, the power of prayer can help in bringing hope back into your life. Praying helps us to hope for a better tomorrow and hoping helps us move forward and leave our problems behind. Praying also help fill you up with optimism for a brighter future. That’s another reason why you should pray.
4. Sense of purpose
Belief in God and the power of prayer helps us get a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. If we are willing to live by God’s words, we know that we would live out our lives as good human beings and that is a tremendous accomplishment in today’s world.
5. Sense of calmness
When one believes that it is possible to relay ones problems to a higher entity, it helps you to face your daily problems and obstacles with a sense of calmness that would otherwise not be present. Praying prevents you from panicking when your situation seems overwhelming.
6. Better and faster healing
Science has proven that those who believe in God and pray to Him tend to heal better and faster than those who don’t. Whether it is bodily injury or wound we are taking about or psychological issues like anxiety, depression, stress, etc. people who pray find more comfort, strength and optimism during their recovery than those who don’t.
7. Sense of belonging
When you belong to a community that prays to the same God and follows the same religion, you are bound to feel a sense of community with that group. This community can help you feel loved, wanted and cared for instead of feeling alone, lonely and isolated.
These are just 7 reasons why you should pray. If you look within yourself, you are sure to find many more. However, it is important that you pray because you believe in the power of praying and not just because you want one of the incidental benefits. Wallahua'lam 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

His First Eid :)


Ramadhan is over :( 

No more multiple credits but hey, please we are the servants of Allah not the servants of Ramadhan, so lets maintain what we always did in Ramadhan, remember, Ramadhan is like a school that trains and educates us for  a month and we have to apply what we have learnt into the rest of the months, you got it? 

Alhamdulillah, we are now in Syawal, it's such a blessing moment, to say and listen Takbir, to gather with the family, apologize each others, and for any families that just got newborn family member, I know how does it feels, I bet,there's so much fun and laugh.They bring happiness into the house really :). I got two nephews and this is their first Eid! Can't wait to see they growing up. May they will become a good servants of Allah, good sons of their parents and good persons to the society, amin!

I guess, that's it, forgive me for my mistakes, taqabballallahu minna wa minkum-may Allah accept (Good deeds) from us and from you.. and May we have a chance to meet Ramadhan again. Amin thumma amin

May Allah bless both of you, Muhammad Darwisy and Muhammad Ibrahim Haneef, I love you both much!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Focus Folks!

"You see that lady? I don't know why she changed so sudden, she's covered up before and now look at how she dresses up. Oh I can't believe my eyes! Couldn't she feels the burning fire of hell! " *Oh could you feel?!* 
"Hey, look up! Why do you think she covers up now? She's not like that before! I wonder, maybe she was forced by her parents, oh poor girl." *You are the 'poor' one lad*
 "Why do you think he picks her? She's unfaithful girl, you know, just a normal girl and he is a pious person.  Oh! I know that because she's beautiful, you see, even a pious man look at the beauty rather than religious aspect. What a world!" *What a 'definite' presumption you just threw?!* 

Ok, stop it already. Folks, don't be so easy and quick to judge people, we have absolutely no idea about their journey. If you are in this situation, please keep your mouth and heart shut from any judgmental statement, make the best du'a for that persons.Or if you want to be just, go straight to that person, approach them and ask them nicely about what is going on, what makes they choose that way. Come on, we never know how are we tomorrow, maybe we are believers  in the morning and become disbelievers at the evening, there's no guarantee my friend. Our iman always goes up and down, it's needs some efforts to maintain. 

So, what to do? FOCUS, yes FOCUS, what to focus? YOURSELF, yes yourself first, focus on yourself rather than others, focus to improve yourself and be a better person, make a strategy, plan and work on it. How to be a better person? Obey God, thats it. Obey God, means you have to do what He recommends you to do and what He don't (Well, in another word, obey Him in the way He wants us to obey Him not in our own way). Started with obeying the obligatory thingy like solah, fasting and so on. Then, be good to your family and people around you, treat them nicely, be good to animals and environment. Maintain good attitude, have a positive thoughts toward others, live your life fully with healthy and good lifestyle (big NO to haram foods and drinks, huge RESIST to modern western social lifestyle), do things that can benefit you and others. 

In your journey to be a better person, please don't forget people around you, invite them too, give good advice to remind yourself and others or at least be a good example to them (in another word, recommend the good deeds and forbid the bad deeds). Spread a positive words and thoughts, leave the bad talk and negative thoughts. Well, the list is on and on but the question is, can we do that? Ok, before that, lemme ask you, have you started yet? Of course we can if we want to start it on. 

Do good and being good is a fitrah, means natural thing that cannot be denied, just like when we see a good person, we will like that person, we want to be that person and  when we do things that go against out fitrah, we will feel unhappy, sad, always irritated, negative and so. All this negative thoughts and behaviors can be cured by obeying God because He never recommends us to do bad things. Every commands from Him have it own hikmah, there's a reason behind where at the end of the day, we know that its good and benefit us a lot. Lets make a move buddies, we never know when is the time where our soul will be taken away! It's never too late :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rest In Peace My Beloved Friend


 Innalillahiwainna ilaihiraaji'un..Al-Fatihah to my beloved friend, Thohirah Shahidan for she has returned to Allah this morning. In this forgiveness and bless month, oh Allah please forgives and blesses her soul, unites her with pious servant of you. All of us will return to Him one day, let us be prepared, inshaallah.

-Rest in peace my dear, please make du’a for her buddies, I'm gonna miss you, miss your smile, miss your kindness my dear friend- 

"Every soul shall have taste of death; In the end to us shall ye be brought back 
.(Surah Al-'Ankabut The Spider 29:57)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drowning and Starving

Isn't it true? For me, yes it is. We are drowning in information but at the very same time, we are starving for knowledge. You know what makes information and knowledge different? Well, of course the spelling, heh! Ok, information is nothing if we don't have knowledge on it, like when we have information about one sophisticated machine, we know all the information about the machine, the model, the power, the ability, all the tools and we are given the manual, but we don't have a knowledge to handle it, then it becomes useless. The machine will eventually broken. We have so many information in our head (especially from the network, you know, from twitter, facebook, tumblr *oh my favorite* and so on) but we don't have knowledge to use it or even worse if we don't have knowledge to differentiate whether the information is right or wrong, then we are in dangerous! Here the important of seeking knowledge takes place. So let's make a move buddies! Seek knowledge wherever you are, Prophet Muhammad SAW said: 

 "To seek knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim." (Declared Authentic By Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaani)  

"Whoever follows a way to seek knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a way to paradise." (Declared Authentic By Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaani) 
Of course this reminder goes to my face first, myself, I need to remind myself always and I need people around me to remind me as well. So, let's remind each other to promote good deeds and prevent bad deeds.. Assalamualaykum, peace be upon you :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Be The Upper Hand

Alhamdulillah, I guess everyone of us already know that Allah with all His Mercy has offering us an overwhelming opportunity to grab in this month, because the rewards for every good deeds is multiply (You know, like the basic science you've learn, how the bacteria multiply itself, from a single cell to infinity?Yes exactly like that! Go google the video, bacteria multiply, you will know how it happens, imagine your credits(Pahala) multiply so fast, non stop, flowing rapidly into your akhirah account! Oh such a miracle, subhanallah!) This is such a brilliant motivation for us from our Lord to do charity, isn't it? (Well, i couldn't say more if you feel nothing about this, check your heart dude!). We don't know if we would meet Ramadhan again next year, so don't wait, don't delay, just do it! You know some people which own a soft and good hearts, they wanna do charity but they have got nothing to give like this poor boy:

    Once a poor little boy cried because he owned nothing to do charity(Sadaqah), his mom hugs him and said: “My dear son, Allah is Fair and Just, everyone is able to do charity(Sadaqah). Your zikr to Allah is your charity,your kindness to people around you, that is your charity, the knowledge that you taught people, that is your charity, when you protect yourself and people around you from evil deeds, that is your charity and even when you put a smile on your face, that is your charity.”

We have no excuse actually, there's too many ways to do charity, we can do it if we want. Purify our intention and do it for Allah only. Allah looks at the effort, not the results. Well, have a blast day buddies! 

Prophet (PBUH) said, 'The Upper Hand is better than the Lower Hand. The upper hand is the one that gives, and the lower hand is the one that takes'.  
Allah SWT said in the Holy Book,
 'The likeness of those who spend their money for Allah's sake, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn), it grows seven ears, every single ear has a hundred grains, and Allah multiplies (increases the reward) for whom He wills, and Allah is All-Sufficient for His creatures needs, All Knower' (2: 261).  

 'Whoever works righteousness, whether a male or a female, while he (or she) is a true believer, verily to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.' (16: 97)

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