Thursday, August 9, 2012

Green ramadhan


Hope everyone is doing good! I should have post this at the very beginning of ramadhan, hope it is not too let, we have another 10 days to go after all, isn't it? :$ Ok, here's some tips to always go green even in Ramadhan: 

1. Adopt a Sunnah Wudu: It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad would perform the entire wudu from a bowl two-hands full together (approximately 0.5 liter) and he warned against excess in performing ablution (israf). 
 2. Quick Showers: Reduce shower time by 20%. On average, a ten minute shower results in twenty-five gallons of water down the drain.

 3. Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles: Plastic should be minimized because of harm related to global warming and health.
4. Eliminate Styrofoam. Styrofoam is unrecyclable and non-biodegradable, which means that it will persist as garbage even a thousand year after its use.
 5. Adopt a Reusable water bottle/mug whether you are at the mosque, work, or home. Avoid bringing plastic disposable bottles to the mosque during iftars and for tarawih.
 6. Reduce Disposable Party items: Remove or reduce all of disposable items from your parties and save money while doing so.

7. Reduce food waste and over consumption by eating moderately, keeping in mind the hadith (fill ⅓ of stomach with food, ⅓ water, and ⅓ empty). Take only what you can comfortably finish.
8. Sunnah Iftars: Eat More Fruits & Vegetables, Less Meat: The Prophet’s diet consisted mostly of grains, dates, water, milk, honey, vegetables and fruits. Meat was not daily part of his diet.

 9. Make an effort to carpool.

 10. Plant or expand a garden this year (less grass, more trees and plants) at home or the mosque and remember that planting a tree is a charity.

Ok, why do we care to go green? :brow Why should we? :brow  Well, because we want to make a different, we love our environment, our earth which through the grace of Allah, provides us with the sustenance with which we nourish our body and community spirit during a fasting month. Interacting mindfully with our environment is simply a manifestation of faith and because it is our amanah to take good care of our earth because we are the caliph, isn't it? I do it for God sake and for our future generation. So, always go green and grin :) :) :)

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