Thursday, March 6, 2014

I am officially a WAHM, yay!


Alhamdulillah, I am so proud to declare that I am a fulltime WAHM now. Wait. What is WAHM? Ok, ok, WAHM is a short form of Work At Home Mother, means yes you are a housewife but still you are working  at home. No, not working in term of doing chores (well that's a routine), it's working in term of doing extra things beyond chore-thingy, yes extra thing that can gain money precisely, well like what am doing now, I run a business. It's been almost 5 months and I have to tell that I am so happy and stress-free even sometimes I feel exhausted, but really my hubby has enlighten me with his helping hand. And Alhamdulillah that my business is going smooth and progressing, yes with all the challenge too of course.

I have my own SOHO now. Oh man! What is SOHO, again! Well, well..SOHO is Small Office Home Office dude! Great, you have learn two new terms for today huh? LOL. So, what kind of business actually am I doing? (Oh my English!). Well it's a direct selling company where you can stay at home but still working by sharing infos online, selling product, grow our own business group etc. etc. Yes I know there are so many direct selling company specifically in Malaysia, but I have choose to join Shaklee and now I never regretted with my decision, because Shaklee is really different from any other direct-selling company, especially it's business plan and of course it's product that have touched so many lives out there.

What I reckon is that there is no short cut to be on top, we have to struggle first, learn, be persistent, proactive with a lot of patience. I am so glad that I have joined the right group (JUTAWAN), we always be reminded to put Allah at the top beyond all things that matters. We have been given a tremendous tips on business, we are guided all along the way with a very supportive group. Now, my group is growing as well, from 8 persons to 67 persons by today, alhamdulillah and I am doing it all at home, with my kid around, can't be happy more! I wanted to help each person in my group to grow as well, inshaallah. My mission is not just to help them in business but also spiritually on believing Allah's the Almighty. Please, please whoever read this, say amin!

My best supporter, My BFF, My big fan! LOL

Wanna join my group? Feel free to contact me at anytime :)

Zahra | 0139944328


We are not just selling a product, we are promoting a healthier lifestyle :)

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