Sunday, May 2, 2010

To My future husband

O My Love
Where are you???
Come and take me!
Take my heart and my soul
I promise to love you
Until the day I die
I'll hold you tight
And never make you cry
Because without you
I can not live
I want you by my side everyday when I awake
I'll be your dream wife
And give you all my life
I'll cook and clean for you
Before a blink of an eye
Dinner will be ready and served
When you come home from a long day at work.
I'll give you beautiful kids
And with Allah’s help
We'll raise them the best way we can
I'll never hurt you
Or talk back to you
Because between me and you
InshaAllah there will never be a fight
And I may not know anything about you
But in my heart I know that I already truly love you
I pray to Allah everyday
To give me a sign
That you are near
Because I've been searching
For you for so many years
And I can not wait for the day
When you come and take me away
Because I know from above
In our books
We are written for each other
Until that day comes
My heart will be incomplete
And it will be filled with so much pain
Pain that can only be healed
When you are here
And I'll dream of you every night
And wish you were here
Sleeping by my side holding me tight
-Liloze Saadoon~*~


  1. hmm.. romantic ^_^


  2. :)
    nice one
    to my future husband :P

  3. Mashallah what an awesome poem this is.


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