Monday, July 19, 2010

Pictures speak louder than words?

Assalamualaykum all...

Whats come out into your mind when you see this picture? I have got this picture from my sister's site. She's a teacher that won 'the most stylish teacher award' in her school. Well, thats not the point. Back to the photo. I relate this with my sister because she's a teacher and I guess she must be very concern about this issue, parents attitude towards teacher. Parents nowadays, tend to blame on teacher rather on their own children, when their kid perform badly in their academic. Whats happen? They believe their child more than they do to the teacher. This is because, if they blame on the child, thats mean they blame themselve, they have provide everything for their child but yet, they've fail to control or monitor their child and the result represented the failure of the parents. Ok, let say, if we won't blame on the parents nor the teachers, so who's should be blame? Government? thats an easy way to escape from being blamed! So what do you think?


  1. wah!! very right! sokong 100%. This DAMN attitude is picturing their children after all..ha2.


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