Thursday, March 17, 2011

A terrifying fact~The end of the world?

So I think, I've been for a while in a 'Pause' mode but for sure the time never pause, so many things happened in every seconds. Here in my head, there's a lot of things as well, but I was stuck and I don't know how to get it off  my head. The world is facing a serious matters everywhere. Middle East countries with the Dictator issue, Japan with Tsunami and earthquake and not to mention, all countries actually was facing their own crisis. And the country which is neither facing disaster nor dictator issues, was busy giving their judgement and denounce to the world about what's had happened in Japan is actually a punishment from God for their violent in World War II , or what people in Middle East should do in a better or lenient way to get their Dictator down, and at the same time, same country is actually facing a disaster of social degradation among their people. Well am not here to condemn anyone, I was just thinking, are we near to the end of the world? Only Allah knows when is it, but the signs of the Judgement Day(Qiamah) are clearly mentioned in Quran and Hadith. I would like to share some of the signs here inshaallah. So, the  signs which are in Red color already in present. 

1. Knowledge will be taken away (by the death of people of knowledge), and ignorance will prevail.

"Knowledge of Islam will be taken away while ignorance will increase. This removal of knowledge will be because old scholars will die and fewer and fewer new scholars will replace them. The leaders of the Muslims will be chosen from ignorant people, and they will rule according to their whims." [Today, studying Islam formally is considered to be an inferior career in most of the Muslim world. The leaders of the Muslim world are more known for their political or military prowess (oppressive ability?) than Islamic knowledge.] 

2. Wine (intoxicants, alcohol) will be drunk in great quantities 

 3. Illegal sex will become widespread.

4. Earthquakes will increase.

5. Time will pass more quickly. 

6. Tribulations (fitan) will prevail. 

7. Bloodshed will increase.

8. A man will pass by the grave of another and wish he was in the latter’s place.

9. Trustworthiness will be lost, i.e. when authority is given to those who do not deserve it.

10. People will gather for prayer, but will be unable to find an imam to lead them.

11. The number of men will decrease, whilst the number of women will increase, until for every man there are 50 women. (* I don't know the latest scale)

12. The Euphrates will reveal a treasure of gold, and many will die fighting over it, each one hoping to be the one who gains the treasure.

13. The Romans (Europeans) will come to a place called A’maq or Wabiq, and an army of the best people will go forth from Madinah to face them.

14. The Muslim conquest of Rome.

15. The Mahdi (guided one) will appear, and be the Imam of the Muslims.

16. Jesus Christ(Prophet Isaa) will descend in Damascus, and pray behind the Mahdi.

17. Jesus will break the cross and kill the swine, i.e. destroy the false christianity.

18. The Antichrist (al-masih al-dajjal, the false christ) will appear, with all his tools of deception, and be an immense trial. He will be followed by 70,000 Jews from Isfahan (present-day Iran).

19. The appearance of Ya’juj and Ma’juj (Gog and Magog), and the associated tribulations.

("Gog and Magog (two hidden tribes of people) will break free of the dam that holds them back, and ravage the earth. They will drink all the water, and kill people until Allah sends against them a worm which will wipe them out." [This is roughly before/during the time of Isa, although it is not entirely clear.] )

20. The emergence of the Beast from the Earth, carrying the Staff of Moses and the Seal of Solomon, who will speak to the people, telling them they did not believe with certainty in the Divine Signs.

21. A major war between the Muslims (including Jews and Christians who truly believe in Jesus after his return) led by the Imam Mahdi, and the Jews plus other non-Muslims led by the Antichrist.

22. Jesus will kill the Antichrist at the gate of Ludd (Lod in present-day Israel, site of an airport and a major Israeli military base).

23. A time of great peace and serenity during and after the remaining lifetime of Jesus.

24. Wealth will come so abundant that it will become difficult to find someone to accept charity.

25. Arabia will become a land of gardens and rivers. [ it has started, many hotels and big construction projects are being made there, example, Hotel Burj-al-Arab]

26. Society will then decay.

27. The buttocks of the women of the tribe of Daws will again sway in circumambulation (tawaf) around the idol Dhul-Khulsah.

28. A great fire in the Hijaz, seen by the inhabitants of Busra.

29. Three major armies will sink into the earth: one in the east, one in the west, one in Arabia.

30. An Abyssinian leader with thin shins will destroy the Ka’bah.

31. The huge cloud of smoke.

32. The sun will rise from the west (its place of setting).

33. A gentle wind which will take the souls of the believers.

34. There is no-one left on the earth saying, "Allah, Allah" or "There is no god except Allah."

35. Eventually the Day of Judgment is established upon the worst of the people, who copulate like donkeys in public.

36. The blowing in the Trumpet by the Angel Israfil, upon which
everyone will faint except as Allah wills.

37. The second blowing in the Trumpet, upon which everyone will be resurrected.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said:
1. Alcohol will be called Sherbat, and will be considered Halal 2. Interest will be called Trade, and will be considered Halal 3. Bribes will be called Gifts, and will be considered Halal

4. Women will be naked in spite of wearing dresses. This Hadith has baffled the Ulema for a very long time-until now: The 3 kind of naked women are (i) Those who wear see-through dresses (ii) Those who wear tight dresses and (iii) those whose dresses are so short,that they expose the body.

That's it but there's more actually, well looking at the present signs we can see clearly that the Qiyamah day is within touching distance. So quickly, check ourself, if the day comes, are we ready for it? Wisely fix up the hole between you and your Lord. Get repent, it's never too late. Doha your best on whatever you have in your hands *Even if the Day of Judgment should arrive and you are holding a sapling in your hand, plant it'. (Prophet Muhammad SAW*).  Enjoy worshiping Allah and for being close to Him because  that day will definitely NOT fun!

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