Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keeping My Love For You

A young girl I know who is much in love,
she's always infatuated with the idea of love.

She sees couples holding hands,
she comes to wonder,
when will it be my turn...

She wants to keep that heart full of infatuation,
for the right man, the wonderful husband.

She sees handsome men with beautiful women,
do I even look like anyone of them?
She gets envious of these people,
hoping that she could be just like them.

Am I not beautiful or smart enough?
Because I'm being ignored and they'd always blabber stuff.

O dear God, help me please,
correct my intention and put my heart at ease.

Make me tawakkal and redha,
make me dependent on You, ya Allah.

I don't want to be envious of these worldly things,
please console me, tell me I'm doing the right thing.

Tell me it's right to keep first my love,
for You ya Rabbi, and for the man I love.

When he comes to take my hand,
I promise to be the best I can.
A wife, a daughter, a mother and a child,
of course being Your servant is the most worthwhile.


  1. aah tears rolled down when i completed reading this heart melting poem.

    there are hunders and thousands of good muslim sisters out there whose heart is aching for this true love.

    simply speechless to say .....more!

    jazakallahu kahiran kaseera.


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