Monday, February 13, 2012

When you say Islam is a MERCY

Hamza Kashgari

"MALAYSIAN authorities have deported a young Saudi journalist accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter, despite fears he could face execution in his home country."

I read this news on net today. This issue of insulting prophet is never strange in Islam, it's happened even when prophet Muhammad SAW still alive, but what is strange here is the way we response to such issue and the way prophet Muhammad SAW responses to it, imagine a man came to prophet Muhammad SAW and said:
"You inspired me. There are things that I like about you. There are things I do not like about you. There are things that I do not understand about you. I will not pray for you. I do not understand what Islam is. Where is the Mercy in Islam? "
What do you think his action will be, as far as you know about prophet Muhammad SAW  through the Al-Quran and Hadith?
A. Draw the sword and kill the man.
B. Asking him to repent, if he still refuse, he'll be killed.
C. Cursed him for insulting the Messenger of Allah. 
D. Smile at him and told him to sit down and say "What you do not like about me and what did not you understand?" that is, according to his nature as a mercy to all creatures.

You may disagree but I chose D, as I learn how prophet Muhammad responses to those people around him that sometimes go beyond the limit, even his own uncle hates him. There's some incidents like when He preaches Islam in Tha'if, then how people there treated him and what he's response to them really show us how is our prophet's real beautiful manner . Yes, I never agree with anyone that sounds like insulting prophet Muhammad SAW, but to demand executions of them because of their misunderstanding about prophet Muhammad SAW is just not a wise decision when we always say 'Islam is a MERCY.'. Do we forget that the Prophet Muhammad SAW always used to supplicate to Allah (S.W.T.) by saying, 

"O' Allah forgive my people because they do not know." 

[Reported by Imams Bukhari and Muslim]

I am sure there's a lot more Muslim who doesn't really know who is prophet Muhammad SAW and they've been confused because they didn't get the right information about our prophet. So the moral of the story is, lets get to know our prophet Muhammad SAW and spread the right information about him, peeps!!


P/S: May Allah guides us all to the right path


  1. they don't understand what we, dont stand still, do something to help people like while waiting the solutions, we keep silent till they act more n without control..

    No effort from us rite? Juz pointing to each other....

    I also chose D..Miss our prophet very much, Rasulullah SAW..He's the gretest da'ie..(T___T)

  2. indeed, huhu..keep deliver the message fy,internet is not an excuse for us to deliver msg directly to people around us, but thats really need an effort and courage.. Miss him too Y___Y Solallahualaihi wasallam.


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