Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye and Hi! :)

Assalamualaykum all..

Oh what to write?? Please I need an idea please! I can see that the number of people coming to this little space of mine is very slowly increasing, maybe it's because I  rarely post something and everytime they come, they’re like, what?!! No update since November? oh how disappointing! What's the point to come over if the owner doesn't serve anything, isn't it? Well, that's a simple and straight forward hypothesis for the slow increasing number of people coming here, and I guess it's correct. All right, I think rather than putting on the '10 reasons-why-I-haven't-post-in-my-blog' I should post the '10 things-I've-learnt-in-2011' since we gonna end 2011 very soon. Oh I’m so excited!

One day to go and we will enter new year, 2012! They said, it's the end of the world! Oh my Lord, I don't know somehow I feel like this 2011 has passing by so quickly, seriously! I was like, it's already December, really? Pinch me, I couldn't believe it, when did I entered November? What did I do on October? What happened in September? Did I celebrated something on August? How about July, May, April, Mach, February and January? What's went on those months? I guess I need time to flash all back, will do that latter, sigh. Ok, so what is that '10 things-I've-learnt-in-2011'? Take a breath, relax your muscles and here we go.....

1. Everyone has got their own story in life. Don't go so quickly to judge people if we don't know the situation, keep pray for all.

2. Kids are innocence and honest creatures until we teach them not to be

3. People always think someone has changed when that person doesn't fit their expectation. Stop living on others expectation, be yourself. 

4. Keep doing good deeds to even people that hurt you because it's not the same person that Allah will send to us when we are in hardship.

5. Something that is small for us, might be huge to someone else, never take for granted someone that sincerely care and love you for Allah.

6. Allah always has a reason for everything happened in our life, we may want it to be the way we want it, but Allah will always gives it the way we need it. 

7. Soulmates are Allah's secret, we have no idea until the time comes, when He blows the feeling in your heart, the serenity, confidence and openness to accept someone at the beginning is the stranger to you.

8. Family bound is very important to be built as a strong relationship starting from the very beginning, so that everyone in the family will support, care and love each other. There's no awesome place like home! 

9. Keep positive, think positive, act positively towards others and all the positive things will come to you automatically. It's hard but you have to try it

10. Really, only Allah can gives you serenity, even when you try to deny, even when you have got 10 thousands theory on how to be in peace, because the key is to remember him. 

Alhamdullilah fi kulli hal (All praises to Allah in every situation). Goodbye 2011 and Hi 2012! I will leave 2011 with no regret and enter 2012 with new spirit, it will definitely different from previous years, I know that and I pray to Allah to give me the strength to remain in right path and deliver His messages to others. Amin.

"By time, indeed mankind is in loss .Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience." (Surah al Asr: 1-3)

P/S: If you don't mind, kindly tell me the lessons you've learnt in 2011 in the comment box! See ya! C:


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