Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hulala! Fingertips' World!

This is just a made up story, but it might become real, who knows? So grab some lessons here about how's Facebook or any social network could mess up our life. 

Mr X: Oh man! I love Facebook, it's really help!

Mr Z: Well I cant agree with you more! I love it too. It's makes our work much easier now.

Mr X: I have to admit, Facebook mean world to me

Mr Z: Wow, that's creeping me! lol well am so much happy with this Facebook things!

Mr X: If it's shut down, our job will slow down too..

Mr Z: I bet you, they won't do that because Facebook is a golden pool you know even for us.

Mr X: Oh yeahh! that's blown me away, so what's our next plan? do you have any in your head?

Mr Z: Well we had investigated and studied on our next target so now just same method as before, log in your Facebook and see the latest news of our target. Mark the movement and we gonna bite our bait. This is a big deal dude, don't screw it up.

Mr X: Give it to me man! Don't worry!

Mr Z: Ah yeah you are the guy!

Mr X log in to his Facebook account and search for his next target and see the latest update, he withdraws a spooky smile once he read the update..

Mr X: Target is mark, she's now alone at bus stop. Move forward. Meet up at our port!
Mr Z: Roger and out!

And you can guess what's happen next aren't you?  Do you think this story came from a paranoia person? Me?! Well I'm serious, this is not impossible to happen nowadays, as we are connected with people so much on the net. I just wanna say that, we must be very careful to share our private life with others especially on the net because you might put your life on the line. Of course you can put any update but make sure it's not too detail. Like in this case, this lady told everyone that she is waiting for bus and will be at symposium on 2pm. The culprit had planned properly from the beginning and Facebook (Twitter, Myspace or any other social networks) make their job easier as they know the movement of the target. Does it makes sense? 

So people, especially ladies set your account with private setting so you won't become the next target and your each-angle photos might safe from a bad dude that looking for a muslimah pictures to edit and change your picture from fully covered girl to XXX picture and spread it (Yes!this happened girls!Fitnahs are hanging and lingering around). Hulala, this is a fingertips' world buddies! Please put on extra protection and super careful, think many times before you write your updates and upload your photos on net. Instead of worse effect, social networks would also give a good effect, well it's really depend on how you use it! Just a humble reminder for you and of course to me as well.

London : 30 couples divorce within 9 months because of Facebook (Metro: 01/23/11) and I found in holy book(Quran) Its says:

"Do not cause your own destruction" (2: 195)

Peace out!

Allah Knows Best.

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