Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Missing Part In Your Heart

Horaay! The hole is perfectly pasted with Deen now, alhamdulillah! But wait, don't feel so comfortable, you have to maintain it, always renew your intention (Niah) as Shaiton never stop to spoil your pure intention with tremendous of tricks! Keep close with your Lord, watch your steps and keep the distance between you and your  real enemy (Shaiton). Auzubillah mina shaiton nirrohim, Bismillahir Rahmannir rahim..Inshaallahu Taala, everything would be fine!


  1. mmg hodoh la gmbr nih..hehe..but full of meaningful lesson! nice post my fren...

  2. hahaha...28 like post ni..haha...jujur je sufy..mantop

  3. mestila..kan aku dah bg warning awal2 lagi, lukisan ni memang hodoh! hehe

  4. en,mmg hodoh pn drawing ni..if not bcoz of it's explaination, i'll not understand dis 'beautiful' sketch! to u to everybody who willing to learn a lesson from fatimah, the cartooonist!!yeah

  5. Wohooo...thanks sufiiii...I lap you la..ehe


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