Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shame On ME!


Shame on ME,
When I whine for a small tests given to me by GOD,
While I'm watching an old lady with a huge basket on her back,
walking under the hot sun trading the things she picked up from the streets,
and she smiled when she passed by me.

Shame on ME,
When I was too lazy to cram on night for studying,
While I'm watching the blind man,
with a lot of books on his right hand, walking with his stick on another hand,
he entered the library with no body helps him,
and he smiled even he don't know to whom.

Shame on ME,
When I was wearing an Arabic name and people easily knew that I was a Muslim,
while I'm not practicing Islam in my life,
and I'm watching the newly Muslim whose struggle to practice Islam,
she goes against her culture and her family for a piece of clothes on her head,
and I saw no fear on her eyes.

Shame on ME,
When I was born as Muslim and I'm not inviting others to Islam,
and I was failed to show the beauty of Islam,
while I'm living in the harmony community with a freedom of religion was proclaimed,
and I was pointed out to others for this responsibility of mine.

Shame on ME,
When I'm telling people the 'DO' and 'DON'T',
while I'm still doing the 'DON'T'
and when I'm watching people with a feeling that I was the only person who always right,
and I was forgot that GOD always watching me,
and He knows what's my heart whispering.

Shame on ME,
When I knew how worse the world is,
and when I blame on others for what's happened to the community,
while I'm still attached to the worldly things and was slipped over and over again,
even I knew that I was the witness of this period, the human corrupted era
 but still I don't help on anything to make it better.

Shame on ME,
when I knew that GOD will definitely ask me what on earth am I doing in this world,
but still I was whine, lazy, fake and blaming others,
while am crying to HIM,
to not punish me on the Judgement day,
when there's no body else for me either to help or to blame on.

OH please! Wake up! Wake up Muslim! You are not belong here! Work for your 'real' home! Don't be tricked by shaiton!

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