Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am freaking serious!

Well, I am not interested to promote this cool t-shirt my intention of putting this picture is to tell you that I am serious. Oh no, not sort of serious like I never smile to people and working 24/7 non stop with my head straight and my eyes stick on the machine OR something like that, it's just I am seriously miss to write wah bajet penulis berkaliber,  Oh my last post was on 27th October and today is 19th October opss November! What did I do? Let me think for a second not enough time ok maybe a minute, well I can't think of anything *this is even more serious*, oh Allah I want to write something that serious and now while trying to write something serious I discover the extremely serious thing : I didn't do anything actually! Wait, wait let me think deeper, let me reorganize my memories in this little space of my mind. Give me a chance to take a deep breath and here we go..........................after five minutes.........ah! Blank!!!! 

It means I just did something ordinary and I don't even have enough motivation to keep those things in my mind. What happen to me? What happen to my memory space? What is actually happening? I don't want to live my life absolutely same like animal, eating and sleeping, gain nothing. Big NO! I have to gain, learn, share and give something to others because the world is not my real home, hereafter is my real home, don't be foolish, please wake up! Reorganize your life according to Islam, Islam is beautiful, reasonable and suitable for all the time. Oh Allah don't let us be the servant of our desires, we are Your servants and only You. Allah, help us to keep in this right path and at the same time invite others to this path. Thank you Allah to sprinkle this feeling in my heart, that I need to do something if I want to keep my Iman alive. :'(

Have a blast day ahead buddies! C:

P/S: Almost all part of the post may not valid except for the verses of Quran. Well, I went to travel to some awesome places on earth and I learnt many things actually, I just need to record and write those precious lessons to keep them in my mind. Holaaa :D


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