Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purpose of life

Assalamualaykum all,

Alhamdulillah C:

What with that straight forward title missy? Well, I couldn't think any better for now, my eyes are heavy and my right head is ached, seriously I need to hit my head on the wall. Nah, don't worry I won't do that, I don't have heart to do so I guess, well ok back to the topic! 

The purpose of life, everyone without exception will have this sort of question in their head, what on earth am I doing here, why am I live in this cruel world, what should I do here in this world, why God created me? Live my life(Eat, sleep, make friend, get good job, have family and blah3) then died and then what? Well, if you have that sort of question, it's really normal, it's fitrah, something that naturally instilled in our soul, that we need to have the purpose of life. So, who gonna tell you, your purpose of life? Is it your prime minister? or your parents? or your teacher? well no worries, God, Allah the almighty who created us, who the only one that has the right to tell us what is our purpose of life, so we won't lost our direction. 

"I have only created jinns and humans to worship Me. I do not need from them to provide for Me, and I do not need from them to feed Me. Allah is surely the One Who gives providence, and He is the Mighty and Strong." The Holy Qur'an, Chapter 51, Verses 56-58

Worship is to obey Allah completely, love Him completely, do what He loves and keep away from what He hates. 

Prayer is an act of worship, Fasting is an act of worship,Zakah is an act of worshipHajj is an act of worship Fighting evil is an act of worshipLearning Islam and gaining knowledge is an act of worshipSaying good words is an act of worshipAvoiding bad words is an act of worshipSupplication is an act of worshipStruggling to be better is an act of worshipDoing any good deed and avoiding bad deed in order to please Allah is an act of worship

Oh well, the list is on and on, just don't limit the worship form into religious command like prayer and fasting, everything could be an Ibadah if we do it because of Allah and the way we do it is within the syari'at(Allah's law). It doesn't mean you have to keep your knee down and bow all the time and do nothing else, it doesn't mean you have to stick to the masjid 24/7 and begging others to feed yourself. That a wrong and narrow concept of worship. We can live our life normally like others but within  Allah's law(What He says Ok, and what He says Not OK to do). 

But I know, the question won't stop there, the next question maybe is why God wanted us to worship Him? Why we have to worship Him and so. Thats a million dollar questions that you need to find the answer, I strongly recommend you to go to the Imam and ask him, or have good chat with your friends about this or you can search it on the net, well here the website that I think can give you a clear picture about it. Don't let the questions shake your believe, you have to find the answers, its always there but we need to do some efforts.


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