Monday, November 21, 2011

Do we really need religion?

Dude, why do we need religion in our life? Isn't it makes your life difficult? Yeah to obey all the rules and so on, come on we are in this modern era, we learn and know morality, we know humanity very well, we practice good lifestyle so why do we need religion to tell us what to do and what not to? We can live our life freely as long as we don't disturb others, isn't it reasonable? We are in our religion by chance, I mean because our parents are in that religion we are happened to be the follower as well, we follow religion blindly!

Ok now you said you didn't need religion in your life because you know morality and humanity very well, let me ask you, who will determine whether the deeds are good or bad? Like morality, it could be very subjective, it may different from time to time, for example in modesty one of morality, a covered woman in Hijab say that non Hijab woman as immodest and a woman with no Hijab say that a woman with less clothes as immodest and a woman with less clothes will say that a woman in bikini as immodest and a woman in bikini will say that a nude woman is immodest. You have to remember, this is the point of view people of this era, how about the next generation, they may have another point of view in modesty. So which opinion is right in this situation? Can we say all of them is right? Who to tell them what modesty is? Who will determine which one is good for them, whether to cover themselves or not? 

We need to go back to the very basic and simple principle that we are the creation of the Most Great Creator, the one and only God, Allah. He did not simply created us and put us on Earth with no guidance, because He created us so He knows what do we need in our life, He tells us our purpose of life so that we will not ruin ourselves and others. He, Allah has the right to tell us what to do and what not to, so He gives us the manual which is Islam as a guidance, it makes our life organize and beautiful. We worship Him the way He wants us to, not the way we want to because He's the creator. Just like a car, the creator will also creates the manual along with it and if the user doesn't follow the manual,what do you think will happen?Yes,eventually the car will broken and who's suffering here? THE USER, and who to put the blame on, is it the CREATOR of the car or the USER? Yes again, the USER. Isn't it logic enough?

Yes, we are given the ability to think and analyze, so use this precious gift to find the WISDOM behind all the commands and rules. If we are born as Muslim BY CHANCE because our parents are Muslim, that's not an excuse to LEARN and GAIN knowledge, don't follow blindly, go into the flow and feel the beautiful sense when you follow religion because you are aware. We don't need to be instant perfect Muslim, we may take time, keep improve ourselves because Allah look into the effort even if it only the size of the seeds. Be a Muslim by choice not by chance, change the way you look at religion, look at it as God's love and gift for us not as a difficulties. Only with that we will find the wisdom behind all the command that the little discomfortness and difficulties at the beginning is nothing compared to the benefits we gained by practicing Islam. The research shown that psychologically, religion is the source of hope and optimist, it promotes good feelings of belongingness, it can boost our self-esteem and provides protection from existential threat. Which means it is good for our health!  Well, mentally and physically. So what are we waiting for? Ask yourself!


  1. the poyo ur good friend come to support U..hehe...keep writing dude, i support U..=) visit my blog too(malay jer pun)..: Odd Is Special!

  2. Haha, yes2 I am poyo blogger, thanks my dear friend to drop by here and give me a real strong support, awww I am so terharu la...Sure I always visit yours and give support at your back even you didn't see it, ehehe...


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