Friday, June 22, 2012

Deep Conversations

Me: Do you believe in God?

She: No I don’t believe in God

Me: Why you choose not to believe in God?

She: Well, why you choose to believe in God?

Me: I couldn’t help it but to simply admit that this amazing creation of the universe and miracle creation of human must have a ‘Creator’. Because logically even a simple thing like a pen has a creator, we could simply accept it without any doubt then this wonderful complex universe must also has a creator, and that must be God, don’t you think so?

She: Hmm let me think about it deeply

Me: In your point of view, how God should be?

She: Well, as I don’t believe in God, I am the one that should ask you that question. So, how God should be?

Me: God is God, the one and only. His power is that we couldn’t ask Him to be what we want Him to be. Because of his mightiest power, He will never present in any form we could imagine, hear or see. He must be the greatest creator that creates, sustain and suffice all his creation at one time, alone. His knowledge beyond everything, He has reason for everything He plans, He never fails, He is perfect and never makes mistake. For me, the ‘One’ that has these kind of power deserves to be worshiped and the only God that has all these characters is Allah. 

She: Hmm well, that makes a lot of sense

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