Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thank you Allah :)


When I got married, almost everything is new and first time for me, sometimes I worried but almost of the time I am happy, yippeee \^O^/. Alhamdulillah, I've went through it several months already, what keep me strong of course Allah and this wonderful man beside me, yes my husband. He's very understanding, supportive and patience. This morning, I've got bad morning sickness, I ate my breakfast and throw up just a minute after that. So he came and calm me down, while rubbing my back and wiping my head, he said something that really made me felt if I never got this sickness,

"I know, so much things you have to bear dear, but yet Allah has awards you a lot. When you pray, each pains, each of your steps, Allah gives you rewards, inshaallah. Be patience a little more." He even gave me a brilliant idea, that maybe I can write a story about pregnancy and the rewards behind it, yeah I am considering it now and will take it seriously ;)

I can't stop but to smile and said, "Oh Allah I really love this man for Your sake, thank you for awarding me him. alhamdulillah." and his lovely short messages that went into my inbox everyday had never failed to made my day :)

Well, I dont know why I should wrote this, I want to captured this moment and one day tell my kids that they have a great daddy, mashaAllah. He's my Imam, my bodyguard, my best friend and my almost everything :)

Apart of his humorous side and his Mc Gyver's action, I can't say more, but ALHAMDULILLAH ^^

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