Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lion of Desert


He is known as a lion of desert because of his braveness and courage to free his very own land from being colonized. After fighting Italian colonial armies for 20 years, Omar Mukhtar was captured in battle at age 70. The military officer who interrogated him said “His hands were shackled, he had broken bones caused by fighting, dragging himself barely able to walk. He was a man not like normal men even though the affect that he was apprehended had shown upon him. He stood in my office as we asked him & he answered in a calm clear collective voice. When he gathered to leave, the brightness of his face like sunshine amazed me & shook my heart. My lips shivered towards the end of the conversation whereby I ordered him back to his cell to stand before a court in the evening.”

Omar Mukhtar was ordered to be hanged and his last words were, 

“Verily, we belong to ALLAH, and to ALLAH do we return.”

Subhanallah, he is the real lion, you should see the movie on his story, it is indeed worth watching. Even if he seemed like he failed but in Allah's sight his effort is always the victory. I reflect on myself, how ungrateful am I, when I have everything I need but I still being lazy to please Allah. Oh Allah, is my heart that DARK does it so hard and hypocrite? Forgive me my Lord and please guides me to the right path. :'(


  1. tahun ni je saya dah tgk dua kali. memang best. =)


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