Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's behind the screen?


We met people for a reason. They either a blessing or a lesson, and for both we ought to thank Allah, alhamdulillah :)

Yes I know, Palestinian in Gaza is under attack again. I know, Syrian is also in the same situation and the Rohingya issue is not settle yet. These are the cases that we know, how about an isolated cases? There's a lot more I guess such as in Philippines. Here and there around the globe, Muslim is being oppressed and yet they still be called as terrorist. Such an ironic situation, where someone that being oppressed is called as a terrorist and the culprit is called a hero. What a world we are living now? Allahu Akbar.

And I am here behind the screen, gaining weight, getting heavier and hungrier, waiting for the day my baby will pop out to this beautiful creation of God but yet ugly because of human world. The counting has started, Subhanallah, time flies really fast, it just like yesterday when we got the news on the presence of this little tiny creature in my belly, like just yesterday we have been through a rough situation at the beginning and things become better and better, then when we realized it is almost at the end of the year 2012! hey they said world will end in 2012, heh!

Alhamdulillah, with Allah's helps through His merciful, sometimes in some situations when we thought we can't go through it, it is very difficult and complicated for us, but then taraaaa we are still alive, the problem has been solved, we went through the situation, we passed it, yes we did it! In addition, we have got a good lessons and experience! Masha Allah, something that bitter at the beginning become something that benefit us at the end, we can even smile and laugh when we recall about it. Yes, worry ends when faith begins. Remember, Allah will never test us beyond our limit, sometimes He pushes us to our limit because He has greater faith in us then we have in ourselves. He knows what's best for us after all, because He is our creator :)

So, I will keep positive In shaa Allah, even I know I will go through a hard situation again the time I will deliver this precious baby, but Allah will never gives what's beyond my ability, so whatever I feel and experience on that day, I can endure it, In Shaa Allah. It is painful, every women feel painful so why do I have spice it up with another worries? Allah is watching me, ready to forgive my sins on every inch of pains until I have become pure just like my baby when he comes out, Alhamdulillah. So I will put my trust on Him and let the rest happen naturally as His wills.

Oh wow, we have been through the global issue and now to my personal issue, lol. Please keep me in your prayer, whoever that happened to read this post. May Allah bless you and your family, me and my family as well. :)

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