Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Al-fatihah for Aminul Rashid

SHAH ALAM: The loss of his best friend, Aminul Rashid Amzah, 15, who was shot dead by police on Monday morning after allegedly trying to flee upon colliding with another car, is something Wan Iztmir Izzat Wan Abdul Rahim, also 15, can't come to terms with. Recalling how Aminul died some five metres away from his best friend's house, Iztmir said he was at home when he heard a loud bang.
Thinking it was just another accident, he ignored it until he realised there was a commotion outside.
"When I saw patrol cars and many people, I went out and saw a car with a youngster in it. I recognised my friend's T-shirt and thought Aminul had one just like it," said Itzmir "I got closer for a better look and I couldn't believe what I saw. My best friend was slumped in the car.
"I asked the policeman what had happened but he told me to get back inside my house. When I asked again, the policeman just kept quiet.
"I was very sad when I read the newspapers the next day. Aminul was nothing like what was written.
"We grew up together and we shared a lot of things. Aminul won't do such thing. He was probably scared after colliding with the other car.
"He had no driving licence. Suddenly faced the police, what would you expect him to do? I would run away too because I don't have a licence to drive."
His friend's sudden death keeps haunting him. "My best friend was covered in blood in that car.
"He was no criminal, he was a nice boy and a great friend."
On Monday morning, Aminul Rashid sneaked out from his house at Jalan 11/2G, Section 11, to meet friends at a mamak stall. Aminul drove his sister's Proton Iswara and was accompanied by another teenager, whose identity is still unknown.
On the way back, Aminul collided with another car. In panic he drove away from the scene. A patrol car spotted the incident, pursued the vehicle and managed to stop it by shooting at the tyres. However, the boy was shot in the back of his head and died on the spot. His friend, who was not injured, escaped.
The victim's mother, Norsiah Mohammad, 60, yesterday morning denied police allegation her youngest son was a criminal. She expressed sorrow at reading the allegations in newspapers.
"How can they call my son a criminal? That is wrong. I am his mother. I know what my son does everyday.
"He is an active schoolboy who never caused any trouble to the family." Her focus now is to seek justice for her son's death and insisted she was not looking for revenge.
She only wants an explanation as to what transpired, with nothing covered up.
Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo also urged Bukit Aman police to have an independent investigation into the incident.
Another police report was later lodged at the Shah Alam headquarters by the mother and family lawyers.

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