Friday, April 30, 2010

The Hidden Hand

Who's behind suicide bombings in Pakistan

It that true, Taliban or any Muslims organization that commits suicide bombs in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Some said, it's actually the private American war company called "Blackwaters" that did. They explode bombs then blame it on Muslims to justify what they are doing there. This company is payed by the US government to help in wars. This company was already found guilty of war crimes in Iraq.

Who's this guys actually? Blackwater? Here some information i have got from internet.

Blackwater USA operates as a professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company. The company, through its business units and subsidiaries, engages in manufacturing armored vehicles and target systems, as well as building remotely piloted airship vehicles. It provides solutions for training and tactical challenges to law enforcement and military professionals, federal agencies, and civilian shooters; and designs and builds tactical training facilities.

The company also offers stability solutions, including planning consultation, mobility/logistics, security assistance support, and advisory support to government agencies and private organizations; and offers aircraft maintenance services. In addition, it provides international anti and counter-piracy, as well as anti and counter-terrorism security programs through maritime operations and security professionals; and offers parachute aerial demonstrations, competes in national and international events, and tests and evaluates new equipment.

Further, the company trains dogs for patrol/utility, explosive, and narcotic detection. It has locations in Moyock, North Carolina; Mount Carroll, Illinois; and internationally. The company has strategic partnerships with Aviation Worldwide Services and Greystone, Ltd. Blackwater USA was founded in 1997 and is based in Moyock, North Carolina.

I guess, this company has a huge potential to involved in a any conspiracy aspecially for the millitary purpose. Oh my God, Allah, they have a very tricky plan, but i'm confidently said, Allah has a perfect plan. Kuffar might win for now, but Islam for sure will win in a future, inshaallah. Akhirah is our destination, the place for a winner! Allahuakbar


  1. HMm...tu la..dorg nak insult muslim sak ni...burukkan nama muslim...yg kesian mereka2 yang ditahan kononnya terlibat dgn organisasi yg asal-usulnya pun kita tidak tahu...teruk

  2. betul3..xpasal ja masuk penjara kena seksa..moga Allah ampunkan saudara2 kita yg dianaya..moga mendpt syurga Allah..amien


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