Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Quizzical

Assalamualaykum all!!

What A joke!!
How do you do? May Allah bless you all and make every worldly things easy for us so that we could spend our time wisely for hereafter, inshaallah. Alhamdulillah, I'm so much relief and grateful today as Allah has gave me a mighty spirit to went through this tough semester even there's several tasks  I need to complete before examination and semester break and even at this moment, I need to submit small part of my assignment to the compiler! Oh! Alhamdulillah again for everything He provided me since I was born until now.

I just wanna share some story, oh no, its not a story actually its a light conversation that I had with my friend. She's non-muslim girl who's practice a good life style but without a religion. I just think that, it must be perfect if she embrace Islam and keep on her life with her best attitude. Mashaallah, but how you gonna say that to her, to someone that never think about religion, someone that do believe there's a God, but never think about religion seriously, maybe for her religion would just limit whats she wanna do. Throughout the semester, I'm trying my best to show her, hows religion would change your view on life, hows it would make your life more worth it and hows it would make you more beautiful, inside out.  Until this evening we had a conversation while preparing our slide presentation.

She: Do you know, there's a disaster happened in Indonesia. Three disaster combined in this incident.  The earthquake, volcano explosive and tsunami! Its really a huge disaster, a lot of people lost their life.
Me: Yes, I do. You know, previous years ago, Indonesia also crushed by tsunami, and there's  one island that beat so badly until if you went through the road, you can see the dead body, plenty of along the road.
She: Oh my God, thats soooo terrible and scary!
Me: And you know what, with that massive damaged, there's one building that didn't got any effect from this disaster.
She: Oh reaaally? whats that building
Me: That was our worship place, mosque.All the buildings and houses were collapsed and totally damage except this mosque
She: Wow, thats amazing! Hm if its happen in Malaysia, I will follow you to mosque, can I?
Me: Of course you can, it for everyone. Its a blessed place from God.
She:  Niiiiiice!!

We're smilling to each other and get off from the "giant fridge" to get some hot drink with tasty chocolate waffle. It recalled me previous month ago when she asked me about one niqabi.

She: Hey why that girl is covering her face? and she wearing all black clothes?
Me: Because she choose to wear it and I think she's so beautiful and dont want to attract any man so she's covering her face and just wear black color.
She: Yes, I think so, maybe I can wear like that someday so I'll be more safe when I walk alone and covering face is also good, because you know, the current air contained a lot of dust from the vehicles, with that I'll be more healthy. Hehe.
Me: But I think, you shouldn't walk alone even if you wearing like that, OK? Just remember that..(I warned her)
She: Alriiiiiite dear!

And it was Ramadhan when she expressed her worried about fasting

She: I think, not eat is Ok, but not drink is not Ok. I can't stand if I don't drink for a day. How  you could stand for that in one month? I'm worried if you would dehydrated because of less water
Me: Are you thinking that I won't drink for a month? Oh my God, thats impossible, I just don't drink for about 8-9 hours. Then I can drink ok and there's no such case that people died because of that, Fasting is good actually for our health to give rest for our stomach after all the hard work. Its proven by scientific research. Maybe you should try fasting..
She: Maybe I'll try to fast but I think I will need to drink as well when I fasting.
Me: Thats whats you used to do,you didn't eat but drink a lot! so it not consider as fastin..booo
She: fiiiiiiiiine!

We're having a lot of such conversation where I touch a little about religion while we're talking and she as usual we'll be a good listener and agreed but she don't show any positive reaction towards it, I mean any interest on Islam. then I guess maybe my style of delivering da'wah is not so good, so it doesn't make any sense for her and I've been wondering, how I would make her feel that she need Islam in her life. Then, I come out with on conclusion, I need to learn more on Da'wa psychology and  the skill on da'wa fardhiyyah, inshaallah, learn how Rasulullah SAW had delivered da'wa through out the world. My hope, before she leave Malaysia I want her even just once think of Islam and whats Islam offers for her. Because  I'm afraid  if Allah ask me on the  Day of Judgement, did I try to deliver Islam to those who don't  know? then whats should I say? And how about you? what you'll say in front of Allah?! So try  even a small effort  to introduce Islam to at least our non-muslims friends because we love them, they  don't know, so we should tell them.  We wanna be with them happily not just here  in world but  also in hereafter, inshaallah.  LillalhiTaala.

"And seek help from Allah with Sabr (patience) and Salat (prayers): it is indeed hard, except for those who are humble" (Al-Baqarah: 45)

P/S: Sorry for my bad english, you know, it my second langguage.. :)Oh wait, did you find that my post tittle doesn't tell anything about the whole post? well, its a strategy..wohaa, have a bless day!


  1. Thank you for the reminder! I am glad you are speaking to her about Islam and may allah guide her to the straight path and reward you for your efforts! AMEEN

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