Friday, October 15, 2010

When You Missed Someone

Assalamualaykum all,
Good evening, hows your life went? Hope everything is good. I'm in library right now, trying to do something for my assignment. While I'm busy hitting my lappy's keyboards, suddenly my cell phone vibrating, sounded that there was a message just entered my inbox. I quickly checked it and I found that was Ummi, my beloved mother who'd message me.

"My darling, what are you doing?"
"I'm in library Ummi, how about ya?"
"I just thinking of you, until my tears rolling down my cheeks."

Right after I read it, my eyes getting wet. I missed her too, so much! subhanallah. Just like she knew that I'm a bit tensed here with my study, seemed she could felt it as well! Ummi, momma, mother or any other name you would called them, they're really a great person in our world. They delivered us to this lovely world, took good care of us and sacrificed a lot for us. No words could described how much they'd love us. Thats why, mother have a very special place in Islam, it stated in quran and mentioned in hadith as well.

"And revere the wombs that bore you, for God is ever watchful over you." (4:1)
It should be obvious that our parents deserve our utmost respect and devotion - second only to God. Speaking in the Quran, God says:
"Show gratitude to Me and to thy parents; to Me is thy final Goal." (31:14)

A man once consulted the Prophet Muhammad about taking part in a military campaign. The Prophet asked the man if his mother was still living. When told that she was alive, the Prophet said: "(Then) stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet." (Al-Tirmidhi)

On another occasion, the Prophet said: "God has forbidden for you to be undutiful to your mothers." (Sahih Al-Bukhari)
A man once asked the Prophet to whom he should show the most kindness. The Prophet replied: "Your mother, next your mother, next your mother, and then your father." (Sunan of Abu-Dawood)

In other words, we must treat our mothers in a manner befitting their exalted position - and, again, revere the wombs that bore us.Subhanallah, have you ever ponder, how much have you did for your mother and father? How many times have you expressed your love to them? Have you ever once make they happy and proud of you? 

From now on, being nice to them, obey them as long as they obeyed Allah before its too late. I remind myself and anyone that wanted to be reminded. Allahualam

"When I came home in the rain,
Brother asked, why you didn't take an umbrella,
Sister advices, why didn't you wait until rain stopped,
Father angrily warmed, only after getting cold you will realized
But mother, while drying my face and my hair says "Stupid rain, couldn't it wait, till my child come home"
These are mothers


  1. sgt2 menyentuh perasaan..bila kita sedar baru kita realize it kan..


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