Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Put the blame on me!

Umaira withdrew a heavy sigh and she put the newspaper on the table harshly. Her face is bitter like she was forced to marry a man that she disliked. Zujlah glanced her friend tenderly with her deep eyes. 

"Hey, what with that face? You look so old with that expression!"

"Urgh! I just feel like I'm going to puke everytime I read the newspaper! There's too many immoralities reported, girl who threw the innocent baby or worst, burnt the baby! Man who's rape, then killed and buried or blew up their victims. Bribery in almost everything.  Just name it, what's bad thing left that human never did in history? Immorality had spread like unstoppable virus.I'm sick with this and I can't believe it happened in Malaysia now. Sigh, who should be blame on this?!"

"Calm down, don't blow your cool. Well, it's not just happened in Malaysia,it almost at every edge of the world. I was also bothered with this trendy crime, it such a gross phenomenon but then, to whom shall we put the blame on?"

"The culprit is of course the government! Because they are the one who's setting out how's the country will going on years by years, if they implement Islamic taught in everything, I believe it won't be like this! For example, the law itself, if there is a Hudud, I'm pretty sure that the crime would become lesser. While in education, government should think seriously on how to produce a healthy spiritual community not just a cheap labor"

"Good point, yes I agreed, but don't you think, the real culprit is people who choose them as a leader? And who choose them? We and our community. So we are the real culprit. Yes at the end, the government and the community, me and you, we are all one unit of individual. So don't knock it if you can't do it any better, don't throw the rubbish to others, we are the one who should be responsible to this moral corruption because we are not doing anything to change the situation and we just complaining all the time!"

"But how we as individual could change this situation? It's almost impossible doll!"

"Well, it's quite easy to say but difficult to accomplish, start it with yourself, improve ourself, live a life like what's Islam taught us, implement the Quran in our daily life, be a good daughter to our parents, good member to our community.Spread the goodness, encourage good deeds and try to prevent the bad deeds. Thats it, if all people think the same, then all people will become good, all mean the government, the police, the doctors, me and you, we all! .."

"Hm yeah, and the individual will expand a family and a family will form a community. But I think, it would be a long journey and it's tiring."

"Of course, it's never easy at the beginning, we know how hard to change even ourself, but we must strive for it. Do something to create this mind set to others, start it with people that close to us, our family, classmates and friends. Then, you should get married , with that you could inherit the goodness to your generation and built a family with Islamic taught, what a bless!"

"Married? Again! lol..Ok,I can't agree with you more, so the conclusion is, built Islam within ourself for we become a part of the community. Encourage goodness and prevent bad deeds. Each person will carry their own role, like decision maker, doctors, lawyers, farmer and so forth. Good community with Islamic thought then will built the Islamic state for real.."

"Awesome, neat conclusion, inshaallah. Everyone should take this responsibility. That's what I'm trying to say. Ok, I'm heading out to catch some fresh air, are you down to go with me?"

"Sure, let's go! Ah wait, when you mentioned about married thing, are you already have a potential? haha.."

"Eeeer..Nevermind, scratch that! LOL!"

P/S: Have a blessed day! Assalamualaykum..


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