Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get stuck on the mud


"Hm I think your points are too weak, you should get the informations about the actually process flow to generate the product, in this case, the cellphone. With this process flow, then only you could audit the process flow, identify the wastes generation and the impacts to environment from each steps." 

"But Prof, they don't give us the actual process flow, they just gave us the general flow, and we're not even allowed to enter the factory to see the process. We just meet the representative officer, talk to him and take some informations from him. Thats it."

"You will not learning forever if this is what happened!"

Yes,this is the common problem faced by students like me, where's my tasks would never been solved if I just sit at library, find the books, search the informations on net and read the journals. No, I have to move to the industry and ministry, communicate with them to get the informations by study the actual event, make analysis, write up the report and submit. But the industrial group is not supportive to student, they won't reveal any informations even for study purpose, and there's no such regulation to force them to give informations whenever needed. 

I've been wondering, why those people in industry were so afraid to be honest and give a small coorporation to student. Are they doing something wrong? Or there's anything they hiding? Or they worried if the students would steal their so called 'green technology'? I don't have any idea of what's they're thinking. They should feel grateful if there's a student would  like to study their company especially from environmental aspect, maybe after the study, some recommendation could be given to them for better environmentally practice management and it was free for sure! 

"Yes, this is XXXXX company, may I help you?"

"Hello, I'm Eliana from UM, I've read about your company, you are producing the XYZ products and my team would like to study about your green technology implementation. So can I ask for appointment to see your officer on this particular issue?"

After 5 minutes.

"Sorry miss, we couldn't help you."

"May I know, why?"

"No specific reason..haha.." Tut...tut..tut..
The phone was hang up immediately..

What???!!!! We are really shocked by such unprofessional answer and unbelievable manner!Mashaallah! We make a phone call for the whole day, and the most expected answer is sounds like this: "Sorry, our company policy do not allow such assessment..". After struggling few days calling here and there, two or three companies at least ready to accept us, so we went to the company and meet with the officers that sometimes are not friendly and make us felt like we are at the wrong place! And you know what, one of the company was surprised when we arrived at their office door and they discussed among each others in Chinese language in front of us. They forget that one of my team is a Chinese and she told us what's they're talking about. 

"They're not expecting us to come for real, they thought we are just kidding when we make a phone called a day before!" Again, WHAT???!!!! Maybe they think like, it just a phone called from the kids that found his   mom's cellphone on sofa, then he just dialed random numbers and accidently  reached the company, OMG! And we went back to campus without any informations except upset to those people.

Some company do accept us and it is the best things if the company give us even the general flow and briefly illustrated to us and we will like, horay!!! we get the informations! I can't believe is was this hard to get the informations. They'll get phobia when they heard 'Environment student' and suddenly like, "Er...why you choose our company?What's the study for? bla..bla..bla...". so many questions but then just give us excuses to avoid. Well, we really psyched up for this situation. 

The point is, why you have to worry if you're doing the right thing like you are running the factory with the good practice and proper management? With this kind of attitude, I certainly thought that the company was hiding something. Now, listen, we are a students, we want to learn, we want to explore and give contributions, we don't have any other intention, we don't have a political interest, we are not to investigate your wrong-doing and subject the complaint to Department of Environment and all the informations is certainly confidential. Your nation will never learn if this situation remain. Please, please change your mindset, accept us as a learner and let us contribute something to you and community! Truly, I'm get stuck on this mud. 

P/S: Am I complaining? Urghh just want to get it off my mind and I'm not able to stop my fingers, lol. Next semester do not promise me to avoid dealing industry as well, but yes it's a challenge that I have to face as one of the learning process, inshaallah! Please make doa for me :)


  1. What an awsome experience! Praise to Allah for giving u a great 'ujian'. Keep be +ve, soon u'll feel that get stuck on the mud is the sweetest moment in ur life....MasyaAllah


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