Friday, December 31, 2010

Come on, it's a new year!

"I can't wait for tonight!!"

"Oh my Goodness! u shocked me with that scream! What about tonight huh?!"

"Oh man, don't tell me you don't know ok! It's a new year countdown! I can give you a ride if you wanna join?"

"Oh new year? So what? Oh how nice you are to gimme a ride, but no, THANKS!"

"Come on don't be a chicken! Your parents is not here, no one would know if you join me, ok! Lets enjoy a bit after our hard work for the whole year. I can introduce you to some 'nice' boy there. "

After 5 minutes pause..

"Hey so what you think?"

"Hm it's sound interesting and enjoy full, but I also have a celebration for tonight, hm why don't you join me? Am pretty sure, you will enjoy so much! We gonna make a countdown together,there a lot of people as well, we gonna sing together and hold each other hands and have some great drinking water and yeah, there's a lot of celebrities that will attend as well."

"Stop there, Ok am gonna join you!!"'

" Cool! So get ready now! " 

They ride the car together and stop at one place

"Ok stop, here we are!"

"Are you serious? Is the new year event would be here?"

"Yes it is, now get off and come with me. Lets rock!"

"But look at my dress!"

"Don't worry dear, there's a lot of telekung(Long clothes for prayer) in there, you can choose which one you would love to ok."

"You gotta kidding me! you are lying! There's for sure no sing and no celebrity here at Masjid!"

"Sure we gonna recite a Quran together, thats the best sing. we will hold hand and make dua, and we can drink Zam-zam here, it provided by Masjid, do you think there's other better drinking water than zam-zam? And yeah there's a lot of celebrities, they are an angel that for sure will join us here.We will countdown on tasbih seeds for zikr. This is how we should celebrate to show our gratefulness to Allah. So cheers up babe! We are here in this great event. Lets take wudhuo first."

"Ok, fiiiiiiine..I guess you are right, thanks for saving me to attend Maksiah event! Alhamdulillah.."

P/S: Please don't start your new year with negative things, control and respect yourself and the most important thing, FEAR your God, Allah SWT as He watches all our deeds! 

Allah Says : {Tell the believing men to lower their gaze

(from looking at forbidden things), and protect their

private parts (from illegal sexual 
acts, etc.). …} [24: 30].


  1. So true, sister..

    Happy new year (a bit late, I know)..
    May you have a blessed year ahead.



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