Monday, December 27, 2010

Dad, you are my truly warrior!

She buried her face on the pillow while weeping arbitrarily. Her heart was ached and her soul revolted. She does not understand why her Dad always asked her to do something that she disliked. Just before she get off from home this evening to meet her boyfriend, Dad had told her to change her favorite dress to other clothing and he said that the dress was inappropriate and a bit tight, although for her, the clothes  are loose and it's beautiful too. She lied to her Dad, that she just wanted to meet her old friend, she had to lie as her Dad would never allowed her to meet a boy without a companion and now she won't go out with other than her best clothes. 

She's already eighteen but Dad never give her a chance to do whats she like to, he always would tell her whats best clothes she should wear, this and that. She just too upset and she cooped herself in the room for the whole night, she don't even took her dinner, though she heard her Dad's voice behind the door, mentioning that he cooked her favorite food and then she fell asleep with her heart full of hate.

She suddenly felt a heat and it's extremely hot. She is on the edge of the abyss, and from above a cliff she could see a  towering flames emerging and she could hear the creepy sounds, it's a goosebumps that she'd never felt before. She was very scared and crying out loudly when the ugly black creature with a very fierce face, tried to push her into the reverberations. She struggled to fight, but it turns out as the creature was too strong, her feet had slipped and she felt like it starting to blister. She screamed with a vengeance.

"God, help me!! Dad,  help me please!!!"

and her Dad suddenly appeared, the bright halo that surrounded him causing the creature to let her off. He hugged and took his daughter immediately away from the ravine. 

She was awake, the sweat soaking his body, she's shivering and is still crying. It's a middle of the night, the cold wind blowing into her room but it never could calm her down and she think to pray at the moment. As she passing by her dad's room, she could hear a soft crying sounds and she attaches her ears to the door. 

"Oh Allah, please guides my daughter to be a good slave of yours, safe her from the hellfire,I forgive her for everything she done, if she did mistakes, the one that should be punish in your fire is me as I am her father and You gave me a responsible to teach her about religion. I'm too weak Allah, please give me a strength to teach her with love. Oh Allah, give the best for her, protects her anywhere she goes and shower her with your mercy and kindness. Oh Allah..."

She can't bear to hear anymore, her eyes flooded with tears, she took wudhu' and perform her very first tahajud pray in her life. She began to realize, that his good fortune over the years is because of her dad's prayer. Through the dream that she had, Allah wants to tell her that everything her dad's did was intentionally to safe her from a tournament of hell. A sensation that flow in her veins, whispering, "Dad, you are my truly warrior, I will love you for my entire life".

"Fathers are wonderful people, too little understood and we do not sing their praises as often as we should. For, somehow,father seems to be the man who pays the bills, while Mother binds up little hurts and nurses all our ills and Father struggles daily to live up to "HIS IMAGE" as protector and provider and "hero or the scrimmage". And perhaps that is the reason we sometimes get the notion, that Fathers are not subject  to the thing we call emotion, but if you look inside Dad's heart, where no one else can see, you'll find he's sentimental and  as "soft" as he can be. But he's so busy every day In the grueling race of life, he leaves the sentimental stuff to his partner and his wife. Fathers are just WONDERFUL in a million different ways, and they merit loving compliments and accolade of praise, for the only  reason Dad aspires to fortune and success ito make the family proud of him and to bring them happiness and like OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, he's a guardian and a guide, someone that we can count on To be ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE."

P/S: Love and appreciate your father and thanks Allah for such a great person in our life! Alhamdulillah fi kulli hal..


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