Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Almost undeniable similarity among Muslims

Momma aren't we look exactly same?

"Eeuuuuuwww...It's so disgusting!" That's our reaction when pigs were mentioned, isn't it? " It's like a hysterical hatred package in a person called as Muslim.Well this is called as Porkophobia
"Porkphobia describes a syndrome that includes many symptoms such as severe disgust, waves of nausea with occasional vomiting or increased heart rates and sweating when Muslims encounter pork or pigs. Importantly, these reactions do not require the ingestion of pork, they are even observed when Muslims see pork or pigs. In more severe forms of porkophobia, the mere image of a pig on TV or the realization that one has touched pig skin leather elicits similar reactions of revulsion.This severe form of porkophobia is not restricted to Muslims growing up in pig-free Muslim countries, but is also found amongst Muslims living in countries where pork is commonly eaten and pigs are used as important farm animals." 
Yes I have to admit, it become a phenomenon among Muslim community. Since at the early age, our parents told us, we can't eat pork, it's a dirty animals, it is haraam and we obey this straightforward dietary law from Quran, so easily. It has been instilled into our subconscious minds thus prevents us from even considering to eat pork. I have to agree that this strategy is very efficient. It become a whole culture of disgust among Muslim, but the question is, why have other Islamic prohibitions not lead to a culture of disgust? How about adultery, alcohol, black magic and riba'? Those are Haraam in Islam, it's clearly mentioned in Quran, but you can see how many Muslims are commit those sins with free feeling of disgust? 

One would simply says, "I don't eat swine, it's prohibited in my religion." and at same time he visit Haraam pub, drink a bottle of alcohol and commit adultery without feeling any guilty or disgusting like he was digesting pork. Does avoidance of consuming pork will make us more Muslims? Well, it's not, avoidance of pork is not difficult as even in Southern Germany (Heartland of pork sausage), one can easily avoid consuming pork. So whats make us different from the kuffar, if we don't eat pork but we still commit others Haraam things? 

Furthermore, avoidance of pork is not part of the five pillars of Muslim faith and it has never been a central message of Islam. It's not defining a characteristic of Islam. The phenomenon of porkophobia has given a dietary law such a high level. I don't mean to say that we should stop avoiding consume pork or we should take it easy, but my point is, Muslims could perhaps consider to use the power of revulsion to deliver ideas that are more central to Islam rather than the mere avoidance of pork.

Why we not develop a similar culture of revulsion towards others Haraam things? It would be great if Muslim felt a porkophobia-like revulsion  when involved in others major sins like adultery, riba', gambling, bribery an so forth. Seemed like we took Porkophobia  as a convenient way for us to "feel Muslim," by building up a whole culture around a dietary law. So, fear Allah, avoid all Haraams in Islam, seek knowledge and understand our Deen. By that,enjoy our journey to get closer to Allah and keep Islam not only as our name but as our way of life, inshaallah.

Momma where is our dress? Aww..they're just so adorable, mashaallah!

P/S: Yes, it's almost undeniable similarity among Muslim, Muslim don't fight on pork matters, all agree and obey, alhamdulillah. I guess, I was also a porkophobia but not so chronic! euuww!! Have a blessed day ahead.

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