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Go Crazy Is Not A Muslim-Style

Don't go flash me with sarcastic look 
"Anger works in mysterious ways, it can keep you awake all night whispering ugly words to you. It can rumble away in your stomach, sapping the energy from you, leaving you distracted and irritable. It almost always becomes irrational as it builds up inside you."-Ten things I hate about me
Yes, alright I know, It is undeniable, anger won't change anything but still me upset and feel like my heart plummet on the floor, every time I happened to read or heard people say something bad about Prophet Muhammad SAW :( . It's like a silence volcano within myself, which no one can see it, but waiting the right time to spill off the extremely hot lava! So I chose to voice it up here in my blog to put things straight even a bit. But don't worry, I think I don't reach a level where I need to go for "Anger management" thing, its still under my nerve control, inshaallah. 

So,there is some groups out there, whatever they named it, they loved to write on something that they think they have knowledge on it, they bundled up information from the web, add some mean words here and there to spice things up and roll it up through the net, they don't care whether it is true or not as long as they can make prophet Muhammad sounds so  retarded and ugly, especially due to his multiple marriage and his marriage with 'Aisyah when she's only 10 years old and something like he spreads Islam by swords? Come on, don't attempt to jump to the conclusion when you don't even make a just research on him from a guanine source of information. Ok, lets for a while put aside all the philosophy studies with so many sophisticated terms, let just put thing in a very straight forward and simple way. 

First off, what do you think his purpose to spread Islam? To declared himself as the messenger of Allah who receives through an angel, revelation from the Creator of universe? Is it the power that he wanted the most? Or the wealthy, he expected to gain respect from people so that he can easily manipulated them to give him whatever he asked? Or a woman to fulfill his lusts? 

Power, wealth and women, aren't they the major reasons of people fighting each others? If let say yes, he wanted to have them all, but then why he took so long and why he put himself into hardship, when he resisted the offer from Quraisy at the very beginning at the moment they tried to bribe him in exchange to shut his mouth down from preaching Islam and they willing to give him the power, wealth and women. But why unbelievably, his answer is this, 
“If they put the sun on my right hand and the moon on my left hand, I would still not give up my mission.” 
What makes him so cold about those temptation offers, which people would die to gain them? Logically simple, because he is not on his own mission, he's on Allah's mission, he chose to continue the mission with a very simple moderate life and being a very good example of noble manners. So now, what was his message to people? 
That our God is One, worship Him alone and no other being besides Him. 
Do you think this message sounds like he wants people to give him anything? Or did his message sounds selfish anyways? NO! His people angry and disliked him at the beginning of his preach even they called him as Al-Amin (The trustworthy) before his prophet-hood for his word was respected, his judgement final, because he would never be unjust. He raised from the noblest families and was well-known to his people as a man that  never lied, never worshiped to an idol and never did anything that would disgrace his character.

Yet after 40 years of his age, they called him a liar, a crazy man and a magician. They character assassinated him, but could not prove his message wrong. They have no reply, no answer and no explanation to the words coming out of his mouth. Even the finest and proudest literary geniuses they were, they had never heard a speech more supreme, sublime, intellectual and thought provoking than the Quran and it was being recited by one who could neither read or write.

It was obvious, that the Prophet has no personal political or worldly ambition whatsoever. He was by nature a contemplative. Before being chosen as Prophet, he did not like to frequent social gatherings and activities. He used to lead a caravan from Mecca to Syria passing through the majestic silence of the desert whose very “infinity” induced men towards contemplation. He often spent long periods in the cave of Hira`, in the mountains surrounding Mecca, in solitude and meditation. 

He was  by nature neither a man of  the world nor one who was naturally inclined to seek political power among the Quraysh or social eminence in the Meccan society, although he came from the noblest family. It was in fact very painful and difficult for him to accept the burden of prophecy that implied the founding of not only a new religion but also a new social and political order. All the traditional sources testify to the great hardship the Prophet underwent by being chosen to participate in the active life in its most acute form.The Prophet believed that if his religion is to be an integral part of life, he must try to establish peace in the most profound sense, namely to establish equilibrium between all the existing forces that surrounded him and to overcome all the forces that tended to destroy this equilibrium.

Thus the wars undergone by the Prophet were never aiming to oblige anyone to embrace Islam. The Quran stated the rule of: 
“There is no compulsion in religion” [2:256], 
and emphasized the fact that a person’s belief in Islam or his rejection to believe is a matter that depends upon man’s free will and his sincere conviction. This is stated in hundred of verses like: 
“Let him who will, believe, and let him who will, reject it” [18:129].
The Quran precised the way to be used to invite people to Islam, and it was not war. The Quran says to the Prophet: 
“Invite to the way of your God with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious” [16:125].
So why wars? The Prophet went on to war only when he was obliged to do so against those who were threatening the existence of the newly born community in Medina. He tried to have peace with everybody, with the Meccans, the Arab tribes, the Jews, etc… and when these people were not honoring their pacts concluded with the Muslims, the Prophet went on to war. He did so to protect his community and to allow the people to worship God freely, without oppression or fear.

Multiple marriages, for him, were not so much enjoyments as responsibility and means of integration of the newly founded society. Besides, in Islam, the whole problem of sexuality appears in a different light as it is sacred and is integrated to the equilibrium of life Islam seeks for the human being. The marriages of the Prophet symbolize his patriarchal nature and his function, not as a saint who withdraws from the world, but as one who sanctifies the very life of the world by living it and accepting it with the aim of integrating it into a higher order of reality. 

Let’s peek on how people 1,400 years ago viewed the union between Prophet Mohammed with Aisha and his other wives. Nobody said anything about it. That in, itself, is very significant. The people of Mecca tried their best to disgrace the reputation of the Prophet, calling him a “liar”, accusing him of being possessed, and never letting an opportunity escape when they could ridicule himYet, not a single Arab ever said anything about the Prophet’s marriage. No one felt that it was unordinary or strange. So why after 1,400 years, we  really put this thing on the highest concern? Can you feel me? 

The Prophet represents the spirituality of Islam, which is not the rejection of the world but the transcending of it through its integration into a center. So people, don't confused yourself with a bunch of information on the media and simply judge about our Prophet Muhammad SAW, Quran itself could tell you who he really is, Surat at-Tawbah, Ayah 128, highlights the sublimity of the Prophet’s genealogy and status.  Allah said:
{لَقَدْ جَاءَكُمْ رَسُولٌ مِنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ عَزِيزٌ عَلَيْهِ مَا عَنِتُّمْ حَرِيصٌ عَلَيْكُمْ بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ رَءُوفٌ رَحِيمٌ}. This ayah means:  [A messenger from among you came who grieves for what is hard on you, who wants very much that which benefits you (the guidance…).  He is very kind and merciful to the believers.]
There is zillion things in my mind, but believe me, none of it is to force you people on my my believe and religion, Islam. Islam is a rational and simple religion, you need to clear off your mind of sarcasm and go to the genuine source, our holy book, Quran and find it yourself about Islam and it's taught. May Allah guides us all, peace out!

P/s: I reckon thst, this is the longest post in my blog and I can't go any further, oh am I just underestimated myself? ~_~

Some infos originally from: article Misconceptions about the Prophet Muhammad By Rachida El Diwani and the Quran quotation is of course taken originally from Quran.


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