Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wonderpet in Action: Iman Booster

Amal: Habibi Aliyah! We are entering Rejab! 

Aliyah: Really? Time passes by so fast (Sounds not even an ounce of excitement)

Amal: You know what that means?

Aliyah: Hm we'll end it just like any other months in Islamic calendar. (Stick her eyes on the magazine)

Amal: I wish I could rent your eyes and ears to hear me. Hey, we are about to approach Ramadhan!!

Aliyah: Oh yes! This is a chance for us to lost weight! (Roll her eyes to make she looks interested on it)

Amal: Nah..Have a soul Aliyah!

Aliyah: Yes! I'm always a soul, my physical outward is just an imaginary thing that will fade away. 

Amal: You know what that means? (Dropping jaw)

Aliyah: Nah.. Stop already with 'you-know-what-that-means' and shut your mouth Amal! What a big deal?!

Amal: The phone is ringing! We'll be wight there! There's someone in twouble. There's someone in trouble somewhere...

Aliyah: Oh please, don't go to the whole lyric, I know you are one of the wonderpet's team, Ahah! Ming-Ming, aren't you?

Amal: Aliyah wake up! Your iman state is in danger if you don't feel anything about this coming Ramadhan! You, I mean WE desperately need a booster, lets help each other to revive our iman again! We do it together, would you?

Aliyah:Yeah, I sorely tempted to accept your offer my dear friend. Have you heard this line Amal? 

Amal: I am not in the mood guess-the-line now, lets focus on us! I'm doing the "To-boost-iman list" now.

Aliyah: Aye Captain! Wow, you are the bestest friend I ever met on all over the universe!

Amal: Mehh.. Don't make it sounds like you ever went to any another Planets! 

Aliyah: Yes I do, I went to the wonderland..

Amal: Oh yeah, in your dream I know Aliyah. Ok now this is it..

Aliyah: Thank you so much Amal, you are not just gorgeous but fantastic as well, let us do it together because I really don't feel like I can do it alone. 

Amal: Of course we'll do together, no worries! So you are Linny! 

Aliyah and Amal: We're on our wayTo help a friend and save the day..We're not too big And we're not too tough, But when we work together, We've got the right stuff..Go, Wonder Pets, ya'ay! Lalalala...


  1. Jazakillah for the great reminder and the list is helpful too. May Allah grat us the chance to meet Ramadhan n make the best out of it. ^_^

  2. Jazakallah khair for dropping by sister ^__^
    And amin for your doa, have a great day ahead..

  3. blog mnarik.....

    teruskan ngan artikel manfaat


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