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Islam In Japan

Japan is archipelago of 6852 islands. With it small land, Japan has world's tenth-largest population with over than 127 million people and Tokyo is largest metropolitan area in the world with over 30 million residents (That small Tokyo has population more than the whole of my country, you hear me?!). Japan is a major economic power, it has the world's third-largest economy by nominal GDP(Gross Domestic Product, something like the primary indicators of economic health on particular country but oh never ask me how to get this, please! ~_~) and by purchasing power parity. It is the world's fourth largest exporter and fourth largest importer in world. Nevertheless, Japan is also has the lowest homicide rate in the world after Singapore.

Can you see Japan? it's small ^_^

Personally, I admired Japan for their rapid innovation and the people who are very well known as creative and proactive. Even their movies are different and I considered sometimes as 'unthinkable', some people don't want to bother themselves and invest their time on watching such a 'brain-squeeze' movies, they rather go to the lovey-dovey movies type. We can learn many things about Japan, how they've become such progressive and positive nation on earth (I think mainly because of their positive attitude). I am wondering how about Islam in Japan, does it flourishing  as much as the people of Japan do? Great people such Japanese are perfect as Muslim, sometimes they look more Muslim than real Muslim, in term of attitude, not social.

Masjid Tokyo

Masjid Kobe

Islam in Japan is quite new and not so popular. Islam has touched the people of Japan at arly 1900 when Muslim Tartar escaped from Russia and Islamic community formed after 100 years. According to JapanFocus.Org and Missin estimated Muslim in Japan is 100 thousands. The first Masjid is in Kobe, built in 1934 and Masjid Tokyo in 1938. In 70-an Japanese knew Muslim as people whose din't took beer, didn't consumed porks and can married more thank one woman. Muslims are minority and there is no evidence that it is progressing  or not. There is no Islamophobia and so in Japan, the people accepted religions but their focus is more on to economic and globalization.

Prof Kosugi Yashusi 

According to Prof Kosugi Yasushi (He's among the minority muslims in Japan, he is the Director of Islamic Area Studies in Tokyo Uni, graduated of University Al-Azhar,Egypt). The major obstacle to convey Islamic messages in Japan is the language. People of Japan need to hear the message, there is no one to introduce them on how beautiful Islam is, how they are actually practice what Islam teaches in their daily life. How  they would become more aggressive on innovation  when they learn on it systems (Which are from God) and how peaceful they could feel in their hearts  if they confess that there is no God but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad SAW is His messenger. I am optimist that people of Japan will one day interested on studying Islam not through compulsion or the other verbal language but merely because of the rationality Islam offers with good example, friendliness and tolerance of our Muslim nation, inshaallah.

The facts source :Wikipedia
Quote source: Milenia Muslim magazine, Jun 2011

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