Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Story of Little Angel

It's cold in this huge library as usual, but yet my heart is feeling so warm as I read the story of this little angel. Looking at her pure and innocent face, no one will expected that she has went through a very tough moment in her life. She's only ten and yet she's admiring so many people with her true and genuine story of life. So, here I would like to share with you all, the story of little Bara'a. Do read and feel it, I'm taken aback reflecting on how I reacted on the tests Allah given to me since back and now,yes I'm zero compared to her (ahhh..shame on me!)

Here we go...

Bara’a (In arabic means, innocence) 10, is an Egyptian girl who moved with her parents – who are both doctors – to Saudi Arabia, seeking a better life. Her small family is happy and conservative. Bara’a is a very nimble and clever child to the extent that she memorized the entire Qur’an at the age of ten. Her teacher always said to her that she must be older than what she really is.

All at once, her mother felt severe pain. And after tests and examinations, the result showed that she was in the late stage of cancer. The mother had been thinking for so long whether to tell Bara’a or not. She was afraid that her daughter will wake up someday and won't find her. At last she told her:

 “Bara’a, I will be shortly going to heaven. And the Qur’an you memorized, you should read it everyday because it will protect you in this life”.

Bara’a did not understand it very well, but she felt a big change when her mom permanently stayed at the hospital. Since then, she goes to the hospital after school, stays with her mom, read for her Qur’an, and leaves when her father comes.

One day, the father got a phone call from the hospital saying that his wife is in danger, and he has to come quickly. So he hurried up, picked up Bara’a from school, and drove to the hospital. When they arrived to the hospital, he asked Bara’a to stay in the car. At that moment, he was afraid of Bara’a’s shock if his wife is dead, so he told his daughter that he will come back and take her to see her mom. He got out of the car and ran quickly. He was wandering, and his eyes were full of tears. As he was crossing the street to get to the hospital, a speeding car hit him, and he died at the instant. 

Bara’a ran to her father, hugged him, and cried to him. He left her in the car to die on the street by himself….

But the tragedy is not over yet…

The mother was told of the death of her husband. After five days only, she passed away, leaving Bara’a alone in this life.Her parent’s friends and some of the Saudi and Egyptian benefactors came together to find a solution for Bara’a and how to take her back to her grandparents in Egypt. Unexpectedly, she feels sever pain. And after the tests, she figured that she has the same disease as her mom, so she smiles and says: 

“Thank God. I will soon see my parents.”
Everyone was surprised and astonished – this girl has been facing so many plagues at this age, but she is patient and satisfied with God’s decision. Graudually, her story was spread in the Saudi community. So a Saudi benefactor – who wanted his name to remain unknown – sent Bara’a on his expense to Britain for treatment. 

While she is in the hospital, Al-Hafez channel called her (live on TV) to reassure her health condition and asked her to read for them some verses from the Qur’an. So she read in a charming voice; I have never heard such a sweet voice before. 

And they called her again before her last coma, and she sang a song for the mother and then prayed for her parents for mercy and forgiveness making million viewers cry. 

And the painful days continue in the hospital in Britain. The tumor is spreading in her body. The doctors decided to amputate her legs. She is patient, satisfied with God’s decision, spending her consciousness times in reading the Qur’an. After several days, the tumor had reached her brain. 

So the doctors performed an immediate surgery in her brain last week causing her little body  in absolute coma and currently, I heard, she is dead (Innalillah wa innailaihi roji'un), return to the Lord, Allah the Almighty. Rest in peace, little soul. Your story inspired so many people to be patient as you did, whatever tests given to us. I'm sure, there's a lot more untold stories of our little souls out there, they are chosen to bear a tough situation in this world without or knowing that they are, the children of heaven in the afterworld, inshaallah. .

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