Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drowning and Starving

Isn't it true? For me, yes it is. We are drowning in information but at the very same time, we are starving for knowledge. You know what makes information and knowledge different? Well, of course the spelling, heh! Ok, information is nothing if we don't have knowledge on it, like when we have information about one sophisticated machine, we know all the information about the machine, the model, the power, the ability, all the tools and we are given the manual, but we don't have a knowledge to handle it, then it becomes useless. The machine will eventually broken. We have so many information in our head (especially from the network, you know, from twitter, facebook, tumblr *oh my favorite* and so on) but we don't have knowledge to use it or even worse if we don't have knowledge to differentiate whether the information is right or wrong, then we are in dangerous! Here the important of seeking knowledge takes place. So let's make a move buddies! Seek knowledge wherever you are, Prophet Muhammad SAW said: 

 "To seek knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim." (Declared Authentic By Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaani)  

"Whoever follows a way to seek knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a way to paradise." (Declared Authentic By Shaikh Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaani) 
Of course this reminder goes to my face first, myself, I need to remind myself always and I need people around me to remind me as well. So, let's remind each other to promote good deeds and prevent bad deeds.. Assalamualaykum, peace be upon you :)


  1. Say no to drowning & starving....I'm striving 4 excellent! hehe


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