Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Focus Folks!

"You see that lady? I don't know why she changed so sudden, she's covered up before and now look at how she dresses up. Oh I can't believe my eyes! Couldn't she feels the burning fire of hell! " *Oh could you feel?!* 
"Hey, look up! Why do you think she covers up now? She's not like that before! I wonder, maybe she was forced by her parents, oh poor girl." *You are the 'poor' one lad*
 "Why do you think he picks her? She's unfaithful girl, you know, just a normal girl and he is a pious person.  Oh! I know that because she's beautiful, you see, even a pious man look at the beauty rather than religious aspect. What a world!" *What a 'definite' presumption you just threw?!* 

Ok, stop it already. Folks, don't be so easy and quick to judge people, we have absolutely no idea about their journey. If you are in this situation, please keep your mouth and heart shut from any judgmental statement, make the best du'a for that persons.Or if you want to be just, go straight to that person, approach them and ask them nicely about what is going on, what makes they choose that way. Come on, we never know how are we tomorrow, maybe we are believers  in the morning and become disbelievers at the evening, there's no guarantee my friend. Our iman always goes up and down, it's needs some efforts to maintain. 

So, what to do? FOCUS, yes FOCUS, what to focus? YOURSELF, yes yourself first, focus on yourself rather than others, focus to improve yourself and be a better person, make a strategy, plan and work on it. How to be a better person? Obey God, thats it. Obey God, means you have to do what He recommends you to do and what He don't (Well, in another word, obey Him in the way He wants us to obey Him not in our own way). Started with obeying the obligatory thingy like solah, fasting and so on. Then, be good to your family and people around you, treat them nicely, be good to animals and environment. Maintain good attitude, have a positive thoughts toward others, live your life fully with healthy and good lifestyle (big NO to haram foods and drinks, huge RESIST to modern western social lifestyle), do things that can benefit you and others. 

In your journey to be a better person, please don't forget people around you, invite them too, give good advice to remind yourself and others or at least be a good example to them (in another word, recommend the good deeds and forbid the bad deeds). Spread a positive words and thoughts, leave the bad talk and negative thoughts. Well, the list is on and on but the question is, can we do that? Ok, before that, lemme ask you, have you started yet? Of course we can if we want to start it on. 

Do good and being good is a fitrah, means natural thing that cannot be denied, just like when we see a good person, we will like that person, we want to be that person and  when we do things that go against out fitrah, we will feel unhappy, sad, always irritated, negative and so. All this negative thoughts and behaviors can be cured by obeying God because He never recommends us to do bad things. Every commands from Him have it own hikmah, there's a reason behind where at the end of the day, we know that its good and benefit us a lot. Lets make a move buddies, we never know when is the time where our soul will be taken away! It's never too late :)

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