Wednesday, August 31, 2011

His First Eid :)


Ramadhan is over :( 

No more multiple credits but hey, please we are the servants of Allah not the servants of Ramadhan, so lets maintain what we always did in Ramadhan, remember, Ramadhan is like a school that trains and educates us for  a month and we have to apply what we have learnt into the rest of the months, you got it? 

Alhamdulillah, we are now in Syawal, it's such a blessing moment, to say and listen Takbir, to gather with the family, apologize each others, and for any families that just got newborn family member, I know how does it feels, I bet,there's so much fun and laugh.They bring happiness into the house really :). I got two nephews and this is their first Eid! Can't wait to see they growing up. May they will become a good servants of Allah, good sons of their parents and good persons to the society, amin!

I guess, that's it, forgive me for my mistakes, taqabballallahu minna wa minkum-may Allah accept (Good deeds) from us and from you.. and May we have a chance to meet Ramadhan again. Amin thumma amin

May Allah bless both of you, Muhammad Darwisy and Muhammad Ibrahim Haneef, I love you both much!

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