Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby oh baby!

Salam and good day folks,

Baby oh baby, this post is about baby, awww! Honestly, what do you feel when you see a baby? What will flashes into your mind? *Oh, so adorable, so cute, I want to hold, kiss and hug that baby.* Ahaaa sounds familiar? Ok, I have to say, that's what comes into my mind when I see a baby(Oh, heaven!). God, gives us this special feeling to the baby, isn't it? This natural feeling which is love has no exception, even a very rough man, when he sees a baby, he will smiles and wants to at least pinch the baby's cheeks! Am I right? Like me, even I don't have a baby yet (Well, i'm unmarried, remember? lol) but I do really love my nephews, mashaAllah. I don't know when does this feeling grows, but it's there really. I missed to talk (even I don't understand his words) cradle, hug and kiss him when I'm not with him. 

When I look at his innocent and pure face, I was like "Oh who on earth could abandon such adorable innocent creature like you, you did nothing wrong, you bring laughs and smiles to the home, but yet there's some heartless people that could do that, they put the blame on you because of their sins and misguidance, they abandon their baby, threw in the dustbin, even worse, burn their baby. Oh what a world!". I'm about to cry to think how cruel human could be, even animal loves and cares for their baby and now we put ourselves lower then animal. Nauzubillah min zhalik. I'm really sad when I read the news about this, but at the same time, I don't know the story behind this, what makes the mother doubtlessly abandon her own blood in a dirty place. What pushes her to put her baby there. Maybe she was raped? Or maybe the baby was produced from the forbidden relationship? Who knows? Subhanallah, that's why Islam recommends prevention before cure. 

How to prevent such thing to happen? It has to be at the very beginning, from childhood, so parents should be able to inspire, teach and educate their children to adopt Islam in their life not just having Islamic name. Inspire our kids with our actions and manners, show and tell them why they have to follow God's will and how organized and beautiful our life could be when we follow God. Talk and listen to them, answer them patiently and be kind to them. By this way, when Islam is built in their self, flowing in their blood, no temptation could jiggle their believe and inshaAllah everything else would be fine. Well, this is reminder for me of course, because one day inshaallah I will become a mother to my children. I make du'a that you and me will become a good parents that give a good example to the kids. Amin!

P/S: Oh I'm still in sad zone because of the news! :'( Hey little one, you surely in a heaven now, playing in unimaginable garden cheerfully, rest in peace dear and may Allah guides your parents and forgive them so they can join you there. Amin

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