Monday, October 3, 2011

An Invitation to Invite

Assalamualaykum all,

Seems like, it's getting harder to constantly post something in this space of mine. What am I doing? Busy? Busy with what? The world, the people(my nephew, school?) the things surrounding them. Oh, what a bad excuse! So many things happened, in my country, and all around the world, nothing stay still and me also keep moving, who stand still will suffered just like if you are staying still on your bad for such a long time, things around you, that you never seen them like  ants, and other creepy little things will overrun your body for sure, they will take advantage on you and you'll benefit nothing from them. Ok, I was tagged in my friend's blog post, Sufi Haraki about the campaign to make a blog as a medium for da'wah, thanks sissy, much appreciated :) . Alhamdulillah, it recalls me to refresh and purify my intention on blogging. 

First off, what is da'wah? Lets do some revision, huh(Don't be too lazy lads!). Da'wah is an arabic term literally means "to invite" or "to offer to share". Ok, who to invite? Whoever you meet, whoever you know(Muslims or non Muslim) especially those who around you. Hmm fine, but how?  In whatever ways you could. By your speech, your manner, your writing..... Oh wait! Invite to what? Ok, sorry I should have tell you at the beginning. It's an invitation to live our life according to Allah's will, we have our manual, guidance which are al-Quran and hadith. I got it, but why we have to invite people? That's not our job I think, there's a group of people like Tabligh that do that sort of thing, sorry! Hey, don't we listen to Allah says in Quran:
You are the best of people raised up, for you call to all that is right and righteous and you forbid the evil, and you believe in Allah.
[Qur'an 3:110]
Let's be the best of people like in this ayah. Sharing Islam is a very simple concepts. We can do da'wah in so many sorts of way including blogging (Yeah!!). Keep in mind at all the time that you are in a special mission to deliver a message to worship Allah according to the way that He wants to be worshipped. You are to call them to know the truth and how to follow it. You do this in a polite way and right actions. Remember that your actions are observed by others through your behavior and manners, you are the role model for what Islam is all about (You don't believe me huh?!), yes you are! Especially people that love to generalize things, when they saw you did something bad, they'll concluded that all muslim did so(OMG!). 

You can see here that the real problem is not to invite people to the message of Islam, it is the way we go about it. It is undeniable that the way we present ourselves and the messages is most important (Unfortunately, we take these for granted). We supposed to advise everyone by using gentle and simple approach to attract the thirsty soul to the Way of Allah for sure before that we need to practice Islam first. Don't ruin the image of Da'wah by rigid methods, mistakes, impatient and impolite manners (like we never did mistakes, never talk to people like they are a sinner and you are are pure, big NO to judgmental mind)  because it will give a very negative impression about Islam and Muslim. Da'wah is actually simple and everyone can do it in our own ability (I mean, level of knowledge) and opportunity. You know what i'm doing now? I'm inviting you to invite people, *pretty smart huh?!* Ok, I guess thats it, well, just start it off! 

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  1. Thanks buddy! You inspired me, seriously..ehe

  2. sy xpandai sanagt...ajar....hehe

  3. cool... i like this part..
    Don't ruin the image of Da'wah by rigid methods, mistakes, impatient and impolite manners (like we never did mistakes, never talk to people like they are a sinner and you are are pure, big NO to judgmental mind).....................

    good job to sufy as well

  4. Thanks sissy..this is first dedicated to myself especially, huhu


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