Thursday, February 14, 2013

When you've become a parent

Bismillah..Assalamualaykum..Hey, I'm back! :D

I'm having a long holiday huh?! Well, yes and I enjoy it, trust me :)
So what happened in back 2 months? Ahhaaa jeng3 *Drum rolls*
Taraaaaa.... name is Maryam al-haura' :)

Yes, my baby! :)

Alhamdulillah everything went well with His perfect plan, I couldn't say more. My baby is healthy and perfect, alhamdulillah. All experience I gained along the journey, all the struggles and pains, I believe will benefits me much not only in dunya but also in akhirah. So at the moment my mother left my home, the journey of parenting started. It is true that it is never easy to be a parent, the first time baby Haura' cried on top of her lungs, freak my hubby and me out. Phewww of course she stopped cried when she was tired and then fell asleep like nothing ever happened! Oh my Lord, really it was a priceless moment! And we laugh whenever we recall that moment, lol.The first time when it was only me and baby Haura' after my hubby left to his workplace, I remind myself to be positive, she's only a baby, her only way to communicate is crying so it is normal and I have to be calm, don't panic dude!

Now she's almost 2 months, she's getting smarter (She can stays put and watches we while I am praying beside her even when I pray with my hubby, she starts babbling, smile and laugh a bit) and with all my heart I would say, she's the most cute creature on earth, mashaallah, well at least on my sight ;). Well there's a lot of interesting thing change once you have a baby:

♥ You don't need a daily schedule anymore because your baby will fix your daily schedule. Well, it is depend on her to start the day in any time even at 3 am in the morning! As for me, I will automatically awake in every 2 hours to feed her.
You will respect and love your own parents in a brand new way especially your mother after you have went through what she had. 
If  the baby is sick, you will feel more severe than if you are sick. 
♥ You will appreciate ourselves, yes because you are now a parent to a child.
♥ You become more sensitive on whatever issues related with a baby like when you saw a news on child abuse, you can even cry :'(
♥ You will no longer feel disgust with our baby poo poo otherwise we are so happy! lol
You will feel like an angel whenever you can make the baby stop crying
♥ You will always count your baby's new teeth 

You will no longer eager to snap your picture, you will instead taking your baby's picture daily! This is also applies to your photos uploading activity where you will upload your baby's picture more than yours in fb :P 

You would think that having more children is not a huge problem. 

♥ When you see there are other parents who were holding their baby that was crying, you will understand their situation. 

You will cherish your bath time even it is in a short period!

♥ Finally, you start to say 'hello' to the neighbor after having a baby! 

You will find out, the things that once you consider important are no longer important after you have a child. 

♥ You are aware that it is not difficult to love your children who at first you thought he was a stranger. 

♥ Every day is full of surprises!

Interesting isn't it? :D

I believe she will grows smarter and prettier than me (Of course, I'm getting old, no?) and most important is she becomes a piety servant of Allah like Maryam Ali Imran, amin. I aware that me first have to be a piety servant of Allah, inshaallah. Yes, it is a long journey but with Allah's helps inshaallah we can make it, plus both side cooperation of husband and wife. Alhamdulillah for He gave me a very supportive and cooperative plus handsome (enhem) husband. Baby Haura' is indeed the most precious gift for our first anniversary awww :)

Alhamdulillah for everything, thank you for all du'a from whoever I ever met or even never meet. Please keep me in your du'a :)



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