Friday, April 8, 2011

An Award from Sister to Sister! ^__^

Assalamualaykum, first and foremost, alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for everything, that sometimes I never ask, but Allah give me all the way, subhanallah, all praises to Allah the most Gracious the most merciful. 

So, (Drum roll, please!) yes I got an award and it's a combo! Stylish and inspirational blog awards! I think I don't really deserve these awards, but it's nice to know that someone out there is actually aware and appreciate what's you are doing. The combo awards are from my lovely sister Ria, from Indonesia and hey Ria you did the 38th chapter in "Easier Than You Think"(Have you read this book?) by Richard Carlson, make-a-small-difference-in-someone's-life-every-day, the most simple way to make people happy. Thanks again :). Please know that, I really appreciate it. So, now, I would like to give an award to 10 blogs, that for me is inspiring and stylish, you can check them by your own, here we go:

So Ria, maybe this is your third award, but I still wanna list you up there, because you deserved it. Well, I get to know some sisters in Islam who's blogging via SistersWhoBlog, this is such a great effort to gather the muslimah bloggers and here the sisters come across, have their own profile and get to know each other from all over the world. It's awesome and I really love the idea! Ok, gotta go buddies, have a great day! Semoga dirahmati Allah selalu <3 


  1. thank u so much honey ... i do appreciate it ... u r soooo sweet <3

    ur blog is the one that really deserves this award coz it's one of the most beautiful blogs i've ever visited :))


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