Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trampoline of Muslims and Pagan symbols

Google Image: Pagan symbols

Aliyah: Hey Amal, did you know this is the symbol of illuminaty?  

Amal: What? Are you referring to my necklace? It's just a triangle shape and with an A for my name, what a big deal? 

Aliyah: Look Amal, if you love Allah and the Prophet, we must avoid this kind of pagan symbol, did you remember "The Arrival" series, we watched together on fb last time? It's such an eye opening documentary! You know it, and why don't you pick like maybe a moon shape as your necklace, with an  A in the middle and a diamond around it, that would be awesome. 

Amal: Oh yeah, I am so familiar with awesomeness Aliyah and what a brilliant idea! Now, you should go and tell my mom that she'd bought the wrong necklace for her only beautiful child and even it may cause thousand bucks, she should buy me the new one! 

Aliyah: You are such a great script writer ever! Ok don't take my words. I don't have guts to throw that to your mom. 

Amal: and you are such a gorgeous paranoia I ever met on earth! I better get off before you start your pep talk on how-illuminaty-has-control-the-world theory again.

Aliyah: You give me one more mental chauvinistic comment and I'm gonna spread your gossip with Adam to the class.

Amal:  Oh! I'm so scare now! Boooo! and what with that iPhone 4G related with Israel and their motto Gold, Glory, God and Girl thing? Perhaps I can accept that Justin and Lady Gaga with the movement, but iPhone? Are you serious? I'm going mental with such fact and oh! Upin and Ipin, that cute little twin cartoon is the Jewish agenda because  of their first alphabet, 'I' is for Israel and 'U' is for USA? are you serious Aliyah?

Aliyah: Well. it's not what I'm saying it's 'the arrival' or maybe other investigation agency. 

Amal: Oh so pathetic! Yes I have to admit that Illuminaty is not an alien term for Muslim anymore, I reckon that 1 of 10 Muslims know or at least used to hear about it.  At the beginning, I feel positive when we started to aware of the pagan movement and that all began to sensitive with the pagan elements . But then, I noticed in this regard. People began to paranoid like you did just now Aliyah.  It may give a bad impact or fitnah to the da'wah movement. So, lets sit down for a while and reflect.

Aliyah: What? Don't tell me you gonna start your pep talk on this now.

Amal: Well, just listen or perhaps you should record, then re-listen to it when you are at home and write an article on this for the next edition of our school's magazine!

Aliyah: Oh please Amal, just go ahead.

Amal: Look, you spread the message about illuminati and Freemasons and such messages, you transmitted to people by matching the verses like "For those who love Islam, this is a new invention ...." or "Note, if you love Allah and the Prophet, this is the fact the enemy of the sons of our agenda ..." and "If we love Islam, never a fan of ...." You know what?

Aliyah: What?! Just say it Amal.

Amal: This is a form of Paranoid. Let say if person that do not understand Islam hear about it, and said:'This is crazy to understand Islam'. This will cause a fitnah on how comprehensive and authentic Islamic message is. Adverse impact of the paranoia of the Freemasons and the Illuminati is, we construct the following formula: Freemasons and Illuminati are the only pagan or in arabic we call as Jahiliyyah. What is the harm of this formula?

Aliyah: Hm no idea!

Amal: Well, we conclude that the only pagan(Jahiliyyah) is Freemasons and Illuminati. Even worse, whatever the sign of 'possible' that is the Freemasons and the Illuminati, then it is pagan to us,like when you saw, I'm wearing the triangle necklace. We are so sensitive to the symbols of Illuminati and Freemason. Even the symbol of Awakening Records-the recording company to Maher Zain and SAmi Yusuf, that was shaped as a pyramid was connected with Freemason and Illuminati. Look how far this madness goes. Maybe after this, if the symbols appear on anyone else, we will continue to stamp it with Jewish agency, and so on without checking. We are too paranoid until we feel an urge to remove the agents of the Illuminati and Freemason, but we start to loose attention on another form of pagan. We boycott Lady Gaga and Justin, but at very same time we also interested in other form of pagan and  celebrities love's story? We busy accused, Upin and Ipin because of what they have, but still indulged in other anime and pagan cartoons. 

Aliyah: oh yeah, I have the same feeling as you smashed my nose now. I think I begin to see your points. So next?

Amal: So Aliyah, the actual formula we should look is: Freemasonry and Illuminati is only part of a pagan. We are the servants of God Almighty and we should reject ALL form of pagan not just Freemasonry and  Illuminati, which is only part of the pagan. Pagan is worse and paranoid retard our struggle. We give great attention to the Freemason and Illuminati because we saw how they managed to 'cover up' the world of design, such as The Arrivals. 

In fact, the pagan is greater than the Freemason and Illuminati. Jahiliyyah, has embraces the world. Aliyah, keep busy exploring the mysteries of Freemasonry and Illuminati did not give us victory. Busy sending a message like do-not-support-the-son-of-so-and-so because he is Freemason and Illuminati agent will not give us victory. We are busy with things that are not important. We are busy with things that really we are not able to control it. Finally, we forget our priority. Have we ever asked ourselves after we posted: "Wow, this all seems so Freemason?" After that what? In fact we may contribute to the victory of pagan. Because we are too busy in their conspiracy and we think that they would never be able to win us. In fact, the pagan is still ruining our society and we are busy running in endless circles.

Aliyah: Ok, take a breath Amal! I can see you are suffocating. 

Amal: Ok, I'm cool, I'm cool. Now lets look in a larger screen. We know that nothing would happen without Allah's permission even if it's the plan of Illuminaty or freemason; Allah Plans was the greatest one. After we know the fact about Illuminaty we begin to say: "Oh! This happened because of their plan, they're bloody successful on their plans, blah, blah, blah". Can you see that? and if we understand the matter, the pagan, whether Freemason and Illuminati or not, we will avoid all. We will not picky: "Oh, that's not the Freemasons, we can follow." We will never paranoid. We will have a clean mind, in dealing with the great pagan. We will understand what we should matter and what we shouldn't. 

Aliyah: You are real debater after all Amal. So what we should do?

Amal: Oh thanks Aliyah! First of course, start with yourself, then people around us and to the public. Invites all to undergo the process Tarbiyah Islamiyyah as the Prophet's companions. Back to  Al-Quran and Sunnah.Take Islam as a total, and totally rejects Jahiliyyah. We learn from the Illuminati and the Freemasons that noise alone will not change anything. Learn from what we see in the Arrivals. If you believe with all the conspiracies, although I would not say it all true, but what I have to be refined are the movements of the Illuminati and the Freemasons. How they vary their tactics, and magically, all of their tactics are subtle. They do not simply barking- Leave Islam, Faith-in-Allah is no longer relevant, let commit adultery, or lets Default to God - which is if they do so, nobody will go to them, but all will be too busy looking for what is Islam.

Aliyah: Agreed!

Amal: So,where is our priority? Our mission? Have we invited people around us to Islam? Our neighbour? Classmates? House-mates? Our friend that seats next to us in the class? Even the most simple have we been preaching on Islam? Or do we only know to make noise?

Merely the Illuminati and Freemason message, will not be overthrowing pagan. In fact, the situation will be reversed. People follow the message, and all sense of the struggle was finished only with noise. While the pagan continue to devour more victims and expand their territory.

Just lets stop this Aliyah. This is a fitnah and shows ignorance. Stop the spreading messages, everything associated with the Illuminati and Freemason. 

Aliyah: So you are telling me that it is wrong for me to know about this Amal?

Amal: Oh don't get me wrong darling! I like to study as well. I am happy with such exposure, it's feel like when we manage to know the top secret of our enemy. It is good to know but the benefits should be extracted, that which may enables the nation returned to the Al-Quran and Sunnah, which may brought them back to Islam, which gives them a strategy to oppose Jahiliyyah, did not cause fitnah and not just like: "Yes! we have successful exposed the Jewish agenda," but at the same time, Jews continue their mission with pleasure and satisfaction.

We should 'beat' the pagan, 'beat' them Aliyah. Not just 'scream' on them. And no one is even proven way to handle pagan, but the way of preaching and tarbiyah performed by the Prophet.

Aliyah: You sound so "Amal"! Yeah, my vision is as clear as crystal now, I will stop the paranoia and start spreading the beauty of Islam.

Amal: What? Are you expecting me to sound like Samantha Booke in "The Great Debaters"? Anyway, you are the fastest digester I ever found on earth Aliyah!

Aliyah: Wait, did you mean that I'd beat you? hahaha 

Amal: Whatever! You are mental Aliyah and need a proper treatment at my mom's hospital.

Aliyah: That was so cruel Amal, you're hurting me. I'm so normal and beautiful you know that.

Amal: You asked for it. Yes, you look normal until they get to know you :P

Aliyah: You are such a messed, Amal!!

So this image is really similar to Amal and Aliyah :)

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*Peace out*


  1. slm aleikom , Illuminati is a real thing , we suffer from them , People in Iraq suffered from them too , 9/11 was made by them too " illuminati" they are going to change all the world , wanting to make the satan as the queen , .. Onely Allah can save us ...

  2. Waalaykumsalamwarahmatullah..Allahua'lam..only Allah knows the truth behind all of these. I did not totally denied the Illuminaty conspiracy, I am just concerned about some MUslims that seem to become paranoia to everything that they think related to Illuminaty even when it is obviously not. Allahualam..

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