Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quranic riddles! Xoxoxo

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Assalamualaykum, beautiful morning, subhanallah, we're still breathing and moving. Could you imagine if one day, you wake up and you can't move, like it's a huge,I mean, super huge stone put on your body, you can't even feel you fingers! Then you'll start to cry out loud, "My Lord! What is happening to me, please help me!" and your tears roll down your cheeks just like a heavy rain pours onto the Sahara desert, but no body listen! What will you do? Cry, cry and cry while your tongue will never stop begging Allah to help you. So be grateful when we wake up in the morning and we can still moving, alhamdulillah. Ok, enough with dramatic reminder, I have to get back to the main topic, so, Quranic riddle yes, because the answer of the riddle is from the Quran. Ok, try to answer it ok? 

1. A grave that moves along with it's occupants

2. What are the creatures that remind people among them, but not among the jinn and mankind

3. What are five creatures that walked on this earth, but none was born from his mother's womb

Overwhelm huh?! Or you think, oh so easy pal! and oh don't tell me, you are too lazy to think about it, hey it's fun! come on, ok we'll see how easy it is. Until then, have a great and nice day buddies 


  1. mashaallah..I feel like to read the whole Quran coz of this..good idea to encourage people to get busy with Quran..very interesting..ok..let me guess the answer..not full one of coz..the riddles are really challenging..the first one I don't know..for no.2 I guess "the ant" in the time Nabi Sulaiman..and no.3 I only have 2 answers..Nabi Adam and Hawa..give us more tips and hint :)

  2. Nice try! :) I will give the answer in my next post inshaallah..Ok, i give a clue for the first one, it is a prophet's story :)

  3. ahaa..for no.1 is the story of nabi Idris a.s with malaikah Izrael...

  4. erm..did I miss somewhere the answers from your post..?

  5. the 3 of the 5 creatures are hazrat sualeh's she-camel, Hazrat adam and bibi hawa, the rest idk

  6. ooh n d sheep that got slaughtered instead of hazrat ismael


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