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Do You Care to Cover Others' Faults?

Amal: Assalamualaykum Aliyaaah! Oh my God! Oh my God! I really missed you baby!

Aliyah: Waalaykumsalamwarahmatullah Amaaaal! Wow, look at how you hello me, seemed like we haven't meet for years, aren't we in the same class Amal? But anyways, I missed you too!! Gimme hug! Oh my God!

Amal: Hey, come on, that's how we rock, don't pretend like you never did! Remember how you always shouted like I was a mile from you, Ya Amal! Ya Amal! I feel like to hide and hope that no body knows who's that Amal, haha. Er Aliyah, actually I don't know, whether I should tell you about this thing or not, hmm

Aliyah: About what Amal? Something to share? Just spill it out, doll.

Amal: I was on my way to school and I bumped on Lilly, but she did something that..

Aliyah: Ops!! Stop there! I think If I don't know what she did, it won't harm either me or you in any ways, so just ignore it. Lets stop talking about others, you know it better then me Amal. You know what, last night I attended a lecture on covering others disgrace, so I wanna share with you about the story  of Caliph  Umar Abd Aziz and his son, Abd Malik Umar Abd Aziz, it's an astonishing story. Even they are father and son, they never practice very well on covering others disgrace. So here we go. Umar bin Abdul Aziz was appointed as Caliph, after the death of Caliph Addul Malik bin Sulaiman. As he heard about the appointment, he feel like a huge and heavy burden was put on him, so he gathered all of his people. Umar bin Abdul Aziz stood up and said, 

"Oh Muslimin, surely this appointment is not based on discussions with me ... not even meet with the Muslims .. I withdraw allegiance, the Bai'ah on your neck ... take back this position because I do not want to .. "

Then the public replied  "We're not pleased but thou, Oh Umar bin Abdul Aziz became the Commander of the Faithful, be our leader"

After the funeral of Caliph Sulaiman, 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz was to go back his home. While on his way, he heard the sound vehicles came towards him. He saw the arrival of the guards and a great army that will surround the caliph with a special vehicle for approaching his inheritors.

So Umar bin Abdul Aziz asked "Why did you bring this?".

The Controller replied, "This vehicle is for the Caliph, oh Umar bin Abdul Aziz."

Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, " I'm one of the ordinary men among the Muslims .. bring back all of this and return to the Baitul Maal .. and if you want to work then go to work in the government and if you want to go on leave, please .. I like the way as an ordinary people "

After arriving at the house, 'Umar bin Abdul Aziz was about to take a break, because he's really tired after managing the body of Sulaiman Bin Abdul Malik earlier.

Then the son of Umar bin Abdul Aziz asked him "Where are you going, father?".

Umar bin Abdul Aziz replied  "My son, your father wants to sleep for a while, because he's exhausted."

Then his son asked, "Why don't you start work on returning the rights of those who being oppressed?"

Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, "Give your father a chance to rest."

His son said, "O my father ... who can guarantee that you will live after this? and when this right is claimed upon God Almighty?"

Amal: Wow he's definitely a very smart kid! Then what's his response?

Aliyah: Yes he is! His son is said to have been dragged Umar bin Abdul Aziz into a very moderate person. So, Umar bin Abdul Aziz immediately rose up and kissed him,he felt so grateful and said "Praise be to Allah who has gives me son like you, ya Abdul Malik bin Umar Bin Abdul Aziz."

When Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz grown ups, he is living in the area of country which is so close to the border to see the movement of military forces and participate in the army's activities to open Islamic territories.

Umar bin Abdul Aziz was incredibly loves his son Abdul Malik. One day, Umar bin Abdul Aziz heard people say that his son was a little proud of himself. He was uncomfortable. Then Umar bin Abdul Aziz called the people of Mihrad. He said, "O Maimun, my son has been graced my eyes. Everything is beautiful in my eyes. I worry if my love to him has makes me can not see the flaws of my son. Therefore go to him because people said my son has a little pride in him. Check this for me. "

Amal: What? That couldn't be happened, Abd Malik is so pious, he won't be snobbish!

Amal: Yeah you surely an impatient listener! Lemme finish the story Amal. Then, Maimun went to meet him near the border of the country. From far away he saw a young man who is very good-looking, young, very polite and full of beautiful manners. His bed is very common mat beside an ordinary foods.

Maimun then approaching the son of Umar bin Abdul Aziz and asked, "How did you get food every day ya Abdul Malik?"

Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, "Alhamdulillah, the food is halal. I worked on the land given by my father and sisters .. "

Maimun see him  impressively. Then the son of Umar bin Abdul Aziz said something about father.

"I worry if my father's love to me, has caused him could not see my flaws". Maimun very impressed because Umar bin Abdul Aziz said as her son said to himself.

Until suddenly came the owner of Hamman and give Abd Malik the key.

Amal: Wait, Hammam? What's that, I never heard of it.

Aliyah: Hammam is the public home of hot water bath.

Amal: Ok, I've got it. Please go ahead

Aliyah: Maimun then asked Abd Malik "For what is the key?"

He answers, "For me to go and have my shower at public hot water bath."

The shop owner said "I have withdrawn all the people and you can go take a bath"

Maimun said, "I really admire you, until I saw this thing"

Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz asked "Was it a sin?"

Maimun said "Why did you withdrawn the public for your bath ? Did you feel proud because you are the caliph? "

Said Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz " I'm not proud. but I have pay the shop owner for every one's fee "

"You're wasting! Why don't you take a bath with other people? "said Maimun.

"No, I do not waste, but they are villagers. Sometimes they do not care to cover their body properly. It's hard for me and if I have commented, they would say I am arrogant. It is not good to force them to follow me, so I ask the shop owner for the price, I paid for them and they leave me to take my bath. "

Maimun said, "You are arrogant .. why don't you wait? You can wait until all the people finished bathing. Why do you want to waste? Are you trying to show that you have more money then others?"

Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, "Astaghfirullah hal 'azim..Oh Maimun, I promise I will not repeat this mistake. I will repent to Allah for I have this sign of pride. "

Then said Maimun "How I'm going to report this to your father?" Maimun tried to test Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, "You say to my father that you have seen something bad about me. You have advised me and I accept your advice and I repent to Allah and I promise to never repeat it. "

Maimun asked "What if your father asked me what tthe bad thing you did?"

Abdul Malik bin Umar bin Abdul Aziz said, "No .... My father would not asked.Because my father knew that God tells us to cover the disgrace and dishonor of anyone, my father will not ask anyone, including her son because there was no need for it. " 

Maimun was once again amazed of Umar bin Abd Aziz and his son Abdul Malik because of their piety on Allah.

That was brilliant right? Abd Malik is his son, yet he never wanna know the disgrace of his own son, as long as he's get repent. Did you remember this hadith?

“If a person covers the disgrace of another in this world, Allah will cover their disgrace in the hereafter.” (Muslim)

Amal: Subhanallah, yes and this one too Aliyah :

“Whoever protects the respect of his brother (in islam), Allah will protect his face from the Fire of the Day of Resurrection.” [Tirmidhi]

They're so unbelievable devoted caliphs! I admired them so much and thanks Aliyah for such wonderful story. But I think you get me wrong, I found Lilly and she did something that's so amazing! She feeds the hungry puppy at the side road! 

Aliyah: Oh my God Amal, why should you wait until I finished my pep talk to tell me about this?

Amal: Hahaha, because I couldn't help it, I can see the burning flame in your eyes and you don't even give me a chance to finish my line! Ok, anyways I thank you for such an inspiring story Aliyah, oh gimme hug! 

Aliyah: Cool! but you owed me a story, tomorrow is your turn.


  1. InshaAllah, may Allah make it easy for us, dearest sister Z <3

  2. Amien inshaallah dear Sister R


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