Monday, May 23, 2011

Atlas of Prophet Muhammad's Da'wah

The Book Cover
Bismillah..Oh real sunny day, the ray sunshine penetrate my room's curtain fiercely slap my table and impatiently touch my face. Alhamdulillah bright day, and I don't have much energy to continue my translation task, like I ever started, heh! Well I guess I need a break, so my eyes started to roam all around the corner and something catch my eyes, I grab the small book on the bookcase as the title really attracted me, Atlas Dakwah Nabi Muhammad SAW. Yes, atlas, it's full with maps in there, it shows you the position of places which we always heard in Sirah like the region where the Prophet Muhammad SAW was born and raised, Hira' Cave the place where he received the first revelation from Allah,  the places where the important wars in Islam took place and so on. Hm quite interesting. It's in Indonesian language, I don't know if it's available in English or not and I don't know where you can get it as I took it from my sister, well I'm at her house now.  Ok to spice things up, I'll show you some of the contents here, check 'em out :)

Map of the region of Prophet childhood

Map of the location of Hira' Cave

Map of location where Mu'tah war took place.

There is also the description and some compact explanations on the Sirah at the other side. Seriously, it's a good effort and I think it may helps us to have a clear vision of the early da'wah efforts by Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions. It worth reading, try to find it and have a happy reading! 

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