Friday, May 6, 2011

Today in History

DJ: Ok ladies and gentlemen, ready for the next challenge! For today, I will give you a question on the history, well don't worry, it's a real easy question that will give you a chance to hold a thousand bucks in your hand!  
DUndururum dum! Drum roll! 
So the question is...................................... 
In what year, Tiger Woods' sex scandal with some women was released? Easy right, ok give me a shot, I'm right here waiting for your call folks!
What?!!! OMG, I can't believe this, since when Tiger Woods' XXX scandal has become a history? So if I don't know, means that I was out-of-dated person or maybe you can call me hillbilly? I was startled with the question and pinch my cheek to make sure I'm not dreaming! What a world, there's so many other remarkable history to be highlighted but why they choose this one? It's nothing to do with us malaysian people or Muslim, Tiger Woods' lifestyle or other people's scandal never give any impacts on ours either good or bad, why do we have to give much attention on such things? By the way, did you know that  June 5th 1967 is The Six-Day War in Middle East, I just knew it too LOL

5th June 1967 : The Six-Day War begins when Israel launches simultaneous attacks against Egypt and Syria, Jordan also joined the fray, but the Arab coalition was no match for Israel's proficient armed forces. In six days of fighting, Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, the Golan Heights of Syria, and the West Bank and Arab sector of East Jerusalem, By the time the United Nations cease-fire took effect on June 11, Israel had more than doubled its size.

Or maybe this is a boring fact, so I'll give you something more interesting,  June 5th 2008 is one chapter of the series of fluctuating petrol prices in Malaysia. So on June 5th 2008 the petrol prices were increased from RM 1.58 per liter to RM 2.581 per liter for Diesel, from RM 1.92/liter to RM2.704/liter for RON97 and from RM 1.88/liter to RM 2.62/liter for RON95 and now RM 2.70/ liter for RON97. Ok I know, it is not really historic, whatever, it's better than to remember other's historical scandal's date, isn't it? Well ok, up to you guys, to make anything as history of your life, even the day you are listening to such question on air, could be a history! 

Have a great day ahead. 


  1. yes i did, and you read it!! eheh

  2. Sister Z!
    Salam alaikum,
    You received a butterfly award, please check
    Congratulations,you deserve it. I love your blog <3

  3. Hollaa sufi...and thanks a lot Ria! Much appreciated :)


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