Monday, May 2, 2011

Lets Travel to The Past!!

Time machine! Woah time to travel to the past!

Well, life is about making a decision and you have to believe that I made a decision to post about this today. Ok, now imagine, I have this time machine and I give you a chance to travel to the past, a year before you were brought in to the world. You tell me, what do you think, you'll see? Yeah, it's your parents whose made decision to spend their whole life together, they decided to get  marred and tadaa after 9 months you are ready to kick the world. When we are still a baby, our parents decide on every single things for us, like what we eat, what we wear, where we go and even the first word rolled out of our tongue, like mummy/daddy, umi/abi. While we are growing up, our parents guide us to make a decision, they give their opinions and advices and our decision was always influenced by their thoughts. But when we are no longer an adolescent, we are the one that made the decision according to our thoughts. Sometimes it comes out with a very good impact and sweet moments but sometimes otherwise happened. 

I've heard some said about if God does exists why there are bad people and why God don't use His power to just created a good human on earth? Simple, Allah can do whatever He wants, and not what we want. He knows everything and He's totally different from any creatures. We were born with a very clean pure heart, no sins, no passions, nothing, like a plain canvas ready to be painted. Well, don't you think that we, human always demand a freedom? So, that what's Allah gives us, a freedom to choose either bright or dark path, either good or bad. God is Fair and He gives us freedom to choose what we want to do, what we want to be and how we want it to be, and at the end, we are the one that would responsible for the choice we had made.  So we can say that, those bad people, they decided to be bad. Perhaps you wanna say that they become bad because of their family background? Like he became a robber because he was born in poor and naive family. Ok now, let use the time machine again. Zuuuuuuuuuuup! 

Cute baby boy born in a very poor family. At 10 years old, he started his first carrier as a small thief because he made decision to steal and not just borrowed. Then, his parents got to know about it and they decided   to punish him like a hell. He chose not to take the lesson and he chose to grasp the hatred deep down his little heart. He chose to let the heartburning inside guides him what to do and there we go, he became a real bad boy. At this point, the parents chose to let him be, acting like they don't care about it, to show him that they disagreed about what he did. They don't approached him wisely and the child did not response to their cold treat. Time goes and each time, he made the decisions by himself, no one forced him, no one urged. He  rounded himself with all bad attitudes because he chose not to learn a good value and not to adopt it in his life. When he was caught by the police and dumped into the prison, he has a choice either to fix his life or to keep it the way he had molded it. See??

Ok, back to the present, yes, we always have to make a decision. The simple one is the decision we make every single day when we wake up about how to approach the day. Are we going to feel sorry for ourselves, or are we going to take responsibility for our own happiness? Will we be the part of the problem or part of the solution? and so forth.All these questions can be bundled up into one package called attitude and attitude can be summed up in one word-choice. We have the choice to make our day joyful, adventuresome, exciting and full of magic! Don't demand that life should be a certain way and when it doesn't meet our expectation, we whine and complain, or we can choose to thank God for giving us more days, so that we can spend it wisely. Lets start to choose to be a good daughter, sister, friend, worker and student. Yes at the end, attitude is a real big deal. You feel me?

Have great day ahead buddies :)


  1. best!!!new template yeah...very nice...

  2. Thanks sufi! :) yeah new customizable template, ehe C:

  3. hehe....ababil, please challenge me to write a post in english...hehe...i need motivation..i think my english is worse..from day to day...without any practice,less reading..haiyya....what happened to me?i think this happened for those who work in kelantan..or precisely, it happened to me! huhu BI is nothing in my workplace..Arabic is priority here,well,surrounded by ustaz n Al Azhar gradution...but my boss is veru fluent in english, bcoz he worked at Proton before this....i love english n arabic!yeah!!

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  5. Well, so I challenge you Sufiana,and I can feel it you can write better than me! and you know all you have to do is to start off! yes, CHOOSE to start now..and i reckon that your arabic was improved now and mine is worse of course..Just talk a few basic arabic words in a day, will never help, but im optimist, I will improve it one day inshallah :)

  6. yeah!! I can do it! so do you! InsyaALLAH..may Allah assist us

  7. This is awesome Mashallah!! :)


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