Sunday, May 1, 2011

Politics! Oh, feel good?

Assalamualaykum..Good day everyone!

Something bothered me, one of my friend suggests me to write on current issues in Malaysia, but I was hesitated to do so when I read the newspaper.  I don't know, what I feel about this, uninterested maybe or disappointed? Shall I give my opinion on that XXX video of Datuk T, or on Datuk S doubted vow (mubahalah)  or maybe on that party politic D battle things, or on  mystical disturbance at Y school (Oh so many issues, isn't it) ?? Switch on your TV and watch the news or take your lunch at mamak stall, or lepak in family meeting at the dining room, everything you heard is Politic, Politic, Politic! I am not against politics  but the problem is those mental people who practice politic and those that are so fanatic, well system can be change but people? 

It is so pathetic to see the cold war between different parties politic followers, for example the follower of U party will not attend the wedding ceremony of someone that he knew the follower of H party, or if the follower of H party was in a trouble, the follower of party U won't help him or when someone from H party was knocked on the door of  U party's follower, he pretended not to hear anything, or when the owner of the shop is from party U even it was just behind his house, the party H's follower will  spend his money to find another shop that owned by same party as him even if it's 10km away from his house! Funny huh?! 

I just wanna say, don't let politics TELL you how to TREAT people, seriously we need to wake up. God gives us, the unseen miracle on the upper side of our body, use your brain, compete wisely with good strategy. Stop acting and fighting like a child, please grow up. Stop bad-mouthing each others because we are brothers and sisters in Islam. Never, never throw a mud to people, because at the end, you will have a dirty hand! and my conclusion is, I decided not to write on current issues in my newspapers' country, cause I think, it is not worth it!

Mood: Political nausea. Dizzy!!!

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