Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 'Special' Call?

Well, the real honey :D

I guess, I can't help it, I need to spill it out here. Well ladies please consider this, I think logically, a 'special' call like 'honey' or 'baby' or 'sayang'  is just for your husband not for your boyfriend. Your husband deserved it because, he gives his words to:

1. Gives full commitment on you
2. Protects you from any harms
3. Guides and help you in your daily life
4. Provides you a shelter, foods and compassions

So, do you think your boyfriend deserved that 'special' call just because he said:

1. He loves you more then anything in this world?
2. He misses you every breath he takes?
3. He has no secrets upon you even a very private things?
4. He will marry you definitely one day?

well I don't think so and you know, deep in your little heart, none of it was assured. He may not married you because of so many reasons, yes we don't know what will happened in a future, it may goes another way around from what we expected. I used to read or heard a case where the boyfriend beats his girlfriend or in an extreme case even murdered his girlfriend, so gross! are you serious lady, to marry that kind of person he? He don't even your husband yet but he treated you so badly and you can forget about that 'chauvinistic' part of him after 5 minutes when he told you that he actually love you damn much? OMG, don't be silly! so preserved it to your husband for whatever 'special' things you have got, he's the one that deserved your best not your boyfriend, don't give a very special treats to 'random' guy just because he keeps spill out all sweet words and promises to you, be wise, moderate and modest. We know, sometimes we just can't control everything and it just happened, but we have to give a shot, don't blame on others, you choose it to be that way. Well, just a general reminder for you and me the choice is of course yours. 

Ok that's it for now, hey I need to rest so have a good day ahead buddies! Oh and credit to my  friend, that actually mentioned about this thing, about a muslimah that posted on her fb, mentioned her bf, and said something like 'sayang'(Honey, darling) and 'rindu' to __________ (The bf) publicly?  Oh please, i need a fresh air!

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Caring enough about my grades/future/religion to not mess it up right now on something temporary.


  1. Inshaallah..Terima kasih atas kunjungan :)

  2. Yup, that's true wahai muslimah di luar sana.... =)

  3. Oh wakil kaum lelaki di sini! Thanks for coming Hafiz..


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