Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be-Fabulous-Forever Muslimah

Sorry if it's your photo sister, can't be help coz it's on the net!

WOow, I was impressed :0 by some women's enthusiasm for make up! They spend their money depend on their level of enthusiasm to buy the make up set, spend hours (For the beginner) or maybe couples of minutes (For the expert) each time they plan to get out, I don't have such incredible patience, I think. Really, I have to make a simple unscientific research on this make ups thingo because I'm not used to it, so let me quickly introduce you with those little miss make up set: 

Very well known, Miss lipstick to magically turned your lips into whatever color you please

Miss Mascara, to curve or even make your eyelashes look longer 

Miss Blusher, to highlight your cheek's bone or to blush up your cheeks

Miss Eye Shadow palettes,  to make a shadow around your eyes, is it? 

Concealer, to of course, perfectly conceal the flaws on your face like pimples or  dark circles and so

Miss Eye liner, to defined the eyes  

Miss Compact powder, widely used among women to protect their faces from direct sunshine attacked

Actually the list is on and on, I was tired to put everything @__@, so here is my straight-forward analysis on make up enthusiasm's level (Which level you belong to?): 

1-Hm dull, low level of enthusiasm -_-

2-Yeah, average level of enthusiasm ~__~

3-Oh, high level of enthusiasm! ^__^

4-Wooot! Super master level of enthusiasm! ^O^
And the result is, tadaaaaa....


Ok, whatever it is,somehow it makes me feel like, is it that hard to be a woman?Maybe thats why once in my life I want to become a man! You have to look beautiful, you must look flawless, you should make sure your outfit is an up-to-date fashion and so forth. So many things to think about and it just strangles around your outward appearance. For what reason I should reach that worldly standard and who I want to impressed as Allah does not looks on one's appearance. Well, thanks to who that really concerned about my outward looks and offered me a free consultancy on fashion, but sorry, I'm not interested, I'm comfortable to be this way, a simple muslimah, I'm proud with my own fashion which maybe is the D-list in current fashion, well it didn't bothered me at all C: 

I chose , to be my real being, to be simple, to be modest and moderate. I just want to be a good slave to my Creator, I just want to be a person that give a good memory on every person in my life, I want to contribute something for my religion and community and none of it has got to do with my flawless looks face or my fashionable dress unless people started to judge you on how flawless your skin is or how stunning your dress is but Allah never looks on those

I won't let those giant cosmetics and fashion industry  whose make a zillion amount of money every month, to tell me on how I should looks or on how I should dress, I'm a free woman. Well, this is my thought, this is my choice, I will never force it on you and for you, it's your choice. Just don't lost in your own enthusiasm. Don't let it makes your life difficult and don't make it as your priority. For me, Islam is beautiful, once you adopted it in your daily life you'll be beautiful as well, yes, as simple as that ladies and you'll be a fabulous-forever muslimah! Inshaallah C:


  1. I couldn't agree with you more..

  2. from bottom of my heart,i totally at your side.maybe cause im just like u,someone who dont know how to style,blind of fashion mybe.every people has their own opinion right..from my opinion,its hard to say,sometimes i wonder,it is victims' of fashion??or somekind like that.chill

  3. I agreed with u... ~>___<

  4. Thanks everyone..Yes it's your choice..No force :)


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