Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why should I believe in God?

Assalamualaykum...good day everyone!

Why should I believe in God? Does God really exists? 

First off, don't go crazy when someone throw those questions straight on your face because they maybe really want to find the truth and if you have this kind of questions in your mind whether you are Muslim or non-muslim, don't go to Shaikh Google, yes I know, he is always available, very easy to access but please don't. Shut down your laptop, open the source that will give you absolute answer from the God's words which is the Quran (With translation if you don't understand arabic), it may just cost you less than 50bucks, you can cut your weekly movie spends or your monthly shopping mania or the most easy way is just to go to the nearest Masjid and find the holy Book there for FREE! So here is some points to be pondered on from brother Abdul Rahman Murphy and Nouman Ali Khan. I tell you, it worth listening!


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